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Per our phone conversation earlier: I really liked your question, “What happened to you?”

Well last year, in February, I evolved—after 18 years—from gallery/store to “service bureau.” I didn’t downsize; I abandoned completely “high street” retail and established Moss Bureau, which, in addition to still representing artists and designers, offers a range of services.

When I exited the world of bricks and mortar, I jumped out of a plane and started riding the air currents. I’ve never done a free fall.

It’s been 15 months, and the wide-ranging proposal we’ve received so far suggest people see us—and me in particular—in a much broader way than I’d ever imagined. And I’ve embraced the possibilities change affords (along with the stress). I decided to try lots of things to find out what makes me happy—to surprise myself, test my skill sets, become more of a generalist.


I have designed an office suite of conference-room and hospitality areas; I’ve art-consulted on a New York residential interior. I’ve taught at Parsons, lectured at the School of Visual Arts and delivered addresses at conferences at the Yale School of Architecture and Harvard Graduate School of Design. I’ve entered into preliminary discussions with the MAK museum in Vienna re: curatorial assignments. I am presently curating an event at the Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh (to be held June 10), initiated by my client Materialise—the Belgian leader in 3-D printing (with whom I’m also in discussions to curate a major show at BOZAR in Brussels).

I spent the summer in France researching Baccarat for an 182-page paper on the brand’s DNA and, having culled over 30,000 drawings and photographs, made my proposal for new directions.

I gave a master class at the MAD museum in New York as a part of its upcoming exhibition “After the Museum.” I met and am in conversations with some wonderful new people re: potential projects as diverse as Emily Pulitzer and Kanye West. I’ve begun an obsessive collection of original gelatin silver press photographs from 1934–1979, which I will present in a selling exhibition later this year. I’ve learned to live better with Parkinson’s and have begun a more advanced treatment, and in December I celebrated with my partner, Franklin Getchell, our 40th anniversary.

Thanks, and best,

Moss Bureau is open by appointment only. At 256 W. 36th St.; 212-204-7100;


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