Private Home Tours in L.A.

Timonthy Street Porter

How to gain insider access to three of the city’s most famous architectural addresses.

Eames House: Anyone can steal a glance through the windows of the residence built in 1949 by the famous husband-and-wife design team, but the exclusive Picnic for Four tour of the interior includes an up-close look at their custom-made furniture and quirky personal collections—be sure to check out the tumbleweed installed like a chandelier. Plus enjoy a meal in the ordinarily off-limits meadow, exactly where Charles and Ray would spread their blanket. The Picnic for Four is $750; 203 Chautauqua Blvd., Pacific Palisades;

Neutra Vdl Studio and Residences: Public tours of the house—originally built in 1932—and studio of architect Richard Neutra are given every Saturday, but schedule a private visit another day with director Sarah Lorenzen, who actually lives on-site. Lorenzen can recommend the best time to sit in the solarium and watch the light fade from the Silver Lake Reservoir and can also point visitors toward the other Neutra-designed houses in the neighborhood. The private group tour starts at $100; 2300 Silver Lake Blvd., L.A.;

Stahl House (pictured): Perhaps the most famous view ever captured of Los Angeles was a photo taken by Julius Shulman at this 1959 home designed by Pierre Koenig. Arrange a sunset tour with Mark Stahl (who grew up in the house commissioned by his father, Buck Stahl) so you can marvel at the way the cantilevered structure perches precariously over L.A.’s infinite grid, affording dizzying, dramatic panoramas of the city. And then, of course, re-create that iconic Shulman shot yourself. The tour with Stahl starts at $150 a person; 1635 Woods Dr., L.A.;