Plant Butlers Are the Latest Luxury Amenity

Courtesy JDS Development Group

Why not outsource your green thumb?

It seems like luxury residential buildings are always trying to find ways to stand out. One NYC apartment complex came with an on-demand sommelier, while a set of Dubai vacation homes came with a passport. Now, there is one trend that's growing among several of these luxe pads: plant butlers.

After a year of being stuck indoors, people have realized that having access to nature is more important than ever. While the biophilic design was on the rise pre-pandemic, it became necessary for many commercial and residential spaces. But just because residents want to be surrounded by lush greenery doesn't mean they want to take care of the plants. Luckily, certain luxury buildings will handle your every botany need.

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Exterior view of Monad Terrace from the bay
Courtesy JDS Development Group

At Monad Terrace by Jean Nouvel in Miami Beach, there is an on-staff Horticulture Specialist who is available all the time to take care of the common gardens and ensure the native Bougainvillea and Passion Vines that drape over the resident terraces. It's guaranteed the greenery will be perfectly trimmed at all times. The goal is to maintain a level of natural shade and privacy without the plants becoming unruly.

A similar offering is available at Eighty Seven Park by Renzo Piano. There, a certified botanist is available to assist residents with their landscaping and gardening and will even water plants while they are away. And don't be afraid to choose the difficult-to-care for varieties. He's an expert in orchids and other rare plant species. Not to mention, he's in charge of taking care of the lobby "Orangerie" that features a rotating botanical exhibition.

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Lobby Library at Eighty Seven Park
Courtesy Douglas Friedman

“People want to spend more time outdoors, they want to enjoy the sunshine and connect with nature; private gardens and green spaces are the newest layer of wellness offerings,” luxury sales agent Minette Schwartz with Compass told Departures. “They want the benefits of enjoying perfectly manicured landscaping and personal terrace gardens, but without having to worry about the maintenance. It’s all about convenience.”

With tanning butlers, tartan butlers, and now plant butlers, it's hard to imagine what type of service will come up next.