Start Planning Your Summer Outdoor Oasis With These High-Tech Appliances

Courtesy Subzero Wolf

As outdoor cooking spaces become just as important as those indoors, here are the appliances you need to maximize your open air kitchen.

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Just last year, an annual survey by the American Institute of Architects indicated that outdoor kitchens were at the top of the trend list for the most wanted cooking space—for the second year in a row. The organization, AIA, garnered results from a panel of more than 500 architecture firms specializing in residential design. Interestingly enough, the survey also showed that the number of kitchen areas on a property is also rising. Residential clients are increasingly interested in secondary food storage, prep, and pantry facilities separate from the primary cooking space. More and more, homeowners are concerned with utilizing all of the space on their property, blurring the line between outdoor and indoor living. And aside from the luxury of open air or poolside cooking, investing in outdoor cooking spaces and augmenting a home’s livable space bodes well for resale value.

Outdoor kitchens, therefore, have become just as important to the home as indoor kitchens, especially in warmer regions like Los Angeles that require them all year long. So why shouldn’t the appliances follow suit? From a reliable Wolf grill, to a gourmet pizza maker like Kalamazoo’s, and a personal beer tap by Lynx, here are the outdoor kitchen appliances that rival anything you have indoors.


Courtesy Kalamazoo

Kalamazoo’s countertop artisan fire oven is under 30 inches long and 20 inches tall, but it is mighty. Reaching temperatures over 800 degrees Fahrenheit, it can cook Neapolitan pizzas in under two minutes, roast meat and vegetables, or even bake bread.

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Courtesy Hestan

This may look like a regular skillet, but then again, most non-stick skillets aren’t reinforced with titanium and diamond particles for ultimate durability. Part of Hestan’s ProBond collection, the Forged stainless steel nonstick skillet comes in three different sizes: 8.5-inch, 11-inch, and 12.5-inch.

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Courtesy Dacor

Dacor’s 24-inch, indoor-outdoor warming drawer is great for keeping grilled food warm or even towels toasty. It can even be customized to match the rest of the kitchen’s cabinetry.

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Courtesy Liebherr

At less than four cubic feet, this fridge is the perfect under-the-counter assistant. The cabinet floor also has specially designed grooves to perfectly fit bottles.

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Courtesy Subzero Wolf

This 15” ice maker from Sub-Zero can produce up to 50lbs of ice per day (and hold 25lbs at a time). It also has settings to control ice production, like setting a daily auto-delay. 

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Courtesy Subzero Wolf

You can’t go wrong with a Wolf grill. This 42” model features a rotisserie, three removable stainless steel burner grates, a warming rack, and more.

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Courtesy Viking

With its stainless steel design revealing virtually no screws, Viking’s outdoor hood is as seamless as they come. It keeps outdoor air fresh and boasts a heat sensor that turns the ventilator on full power when cooking temperatures become uncomfortable.

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Courtesy Lynx

A personal beer tap is a simple luxury that you didn’t know you needed. Lynx’s Professional Double Tap Tower Kit is both stylish and easy to install.

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