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Oriental Rugs That Will Transform Your Living Room

Classic decor pieces never go out of style.


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Reimagining your living room means deciding on a few focal points and decor staples that will dictate the rest of the room's palette. The atmosphere of your common area can be decided by a statement couch or rug, distinctive art and plant life, or even the deliberate color scheme of the throw pillows, ottomans, and other living room accents.

Choosing a rug should be one of the first steps in a living room redesign, which is when you're confronted with the choices like, modern or classic, hand-braided or silk, and so on. For those leaning toward a more classic, luxury aesthetic, delving into high-end Persian or oriental rugs is an endeavor for discerning tastemakers. Persian and oriental rugs are often made from hand-woven silk and mirror patterns that have been admired for generations. Here, a selection of luxurious oriental rugs for your next living room overhaul:


This vintage rug is from the early to mid 1900s, which is fairly common of authentic Persian and oriental rugs. While sold through One Kings Lane, the rug is sourced by J & D Oriental Rugs, noted collectors of antique rugs primarily from the Middle East. This Turkish kilim rug features stripes on either side and a pattern working outward from the “central medallion.” The light reds, greens, and yellows could easily complement richer green hues and plenty of plant life.

To buy: $3,499, One Kings Lane

Rosso Fine Serapi Rug

Made of New Zealand wool, this rug sold by Neiman Marcus is a hand-knotted Serapi rug. Serapi rugs originated in the 1900s in the village of Serab and are considered the highest-quality of Heriz rugs. The red and pale blue coloring on this Serapi is perfect for a lighter color scheme introduced in the summer but can still transition seamlessly to complement a fall palette.

To buy: $8,099, Neiman Marcus

Luxury Oriental Silk Area Rugs Hand Knotted

Amazon is not to be overlooked when browsing for luxury oriental rugs. Because Amazon serves such a large client base, hunting for the highest-end silk rugs takes care and patience but can yield true design gems. This genuine silk oriental rug is hand-knotted and features a stunning kaleidoscope-like design. The varied, muted blue gradients and light brown trim give it classic gravitas while still allowing it to pair well with modern furniture.

To buy: $11,199,


The heart of this 100% wool oriental rug is a distinctive, primarily brown-colored pattern, but the yellow-beige edges are what make the rug pop. Of Pakistani origins, this rug is actually brand-new and was hand-knotted over 297 days.

To buy: $1,350, Catalina Rug

Serapi Hand Knotted Red/Blue/Black Area Rug

Made with hand-spun New Zealand wool and natural dyes, this rug's pattern "has been derived from traditional serape pattern that has been passed on from one generation to the other," according to Perigold. The Serapi rug will bring a touch of old-world elegance and grandeur to your living room.

To buy: $2,970, Perigold


This hand-knotted Persian rug will set a warm tone for your living room with its deep red color and beige accents. The floral-patterned rug supposedly took 413 days to knot and is at least 50 years old.

To buy: $4,890, Catalina Rug

Lapis Hand Knotted Rug

This eye-catching, light blue oriental rug instantly introduces a cool color scheme (blues, whites, mint greens) to your living room, so lean into that with some white leather ottomans and maybe a statement deep blue velvet art deco chair. Of the color choices and dying process, Williams Sonoma says, the use of blues and neutrals "create a faded and over-dyed effect, capturing the characteristics of a prized antique rug."

To buy: Starts at $1,495.97, Williams Sonoma

Safavieh Vintage Hamadan Gody Oriental Distressed Rug

For those looking to dabble in the world of oriental rugs without committing to a big-ticket, 50-year aged rug off the bat, this distressed, vintage Safavieh is a good place to start. Safavieh is a well-known, 30 years strong artisanal rug business, and this rug is part of their Vintage Hamadan collection. Let this rug, with deep reds and pops of beige, black, and blue, provide contrast in a living room with a more neutral color scheme.

To buy: $369.99,


Aged nearly 50 years and hand-woven over the course of two years, this noteworthy Persian rug has birds and flowers in the design. Much like the designation "Serapi" or "Tabriz," "Isfahan" signifies the type of Persian or oriental rug, and specifically, where the design came from. Isfahan is a city in Iran known for its luxurious Persian architecture and design.

To buy: $7,450, Catalina Rug


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