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Michigan-based Bloomscape Eases Customers into Plant Parenthood

Let's be honest, not everyone has a green thumb. So this online flora shop tries to make it a bit easier.


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Plants are the powerhouses of wellness for both mind and body. Whether it’s a two-inch succulent on the kitchen windowsill or a five-foot-tall Majestic Palm taking over the living room, they’ve become both statement pieces and subtle pleasantries. But not everyone is a gardening extraordinaire, and that's where this Michigan-based, online flora company comes into play.

Bloomscape, which is celebrating their first anniversary this March, is here to help. Shoppers can select a plant based on size, how much attention it needs, and its ideal environment, making it a bit easier on those who don't necessarily have a green thumb.

Justin Mast, founder of Bloomscape, comes from a long line of greenhouse keepers and horticulturalists—his ancestors had a hand in progressing the Netherlands’ horticulture industry. Mast grew up in his parents’ greenhouse as they ran their own business growing and shipping seedlings to nurseries around the country. From an early age, Mast learned what it took to successfully package and ship a healthy plant––from maintaining the right amount of moisture and remaining climate-controlled to having complete foliage, root, and pot protection––and eventually implemented that supply chain management into Bloomscape’s unique packing technology and shipping processes. The company ships every plant in 100 percent recycled materials from the greenhouse directly to your door, avoiding the more typical greenhouse-to-truck-to-warehouse-to-store route. They're currently the only company that ships such a wide range of sizes (XS ––XL) safely and securely, so even those 6-foot-tall plants can arrive directly to your door already potted and completely healthy.

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Possibly the best, and certainly the most personal, feature that Bloomscape offers is access to Justin Mast’s mom, Joyce, who is the company’s official “Plant Mom.” Feel free to send a photo or shoot her a note with any concerns or questions you have about your plant’s health, and she’ll share as much of her wisdom and advice as she can. Plant Mom visits the greenhouses, located near Grand Rapids, Michigan, almost daily to check on the plants and to make sure they’re ready to ship. You can consider your plant already blessed with Plant Mom’s care before it reaches you!

When people are new to plant parenting and they share those hesitations with Plant Mom, she simply replies “relax, take a deep breath; you just need Bloomscape and Plant Mom to help you find the plant that suits your lifestyle.”

What are the best starter plants for me, you might be wondering? Plant Mom suggests the ZZ plant for someone who wants something very low maintenance. These can go three to four weeks with no water––and be sure not to overwater––and they do best in a windowless room or in a place with indirect sunlight. Two other care-free options that require infrequent watering and give you the freedom to place in either full sun or lower lit areas are the Sansevieria and Ponytail Palms. She also praises the Spider Plant and Hedgehog Aloe, which she says are “perfect for smaller spaces that will not mind a missed watering”.

Her tip for keeping your household plants in tip-top shape? “Treat them to a shower by placing them in a sink with a sprayer, or [in] the actual shower and allow the gentle lukewarm water to ‘rain down’. This is great for cleaning the foliage so little pests do not take up residence in the dust balls. It’s also perfect for adding a bit of humidity.”

There’s something about the presence of flora in a room that emits happiness. Plant Mom puts it well: “Plants bring a feeling of ‘gezelligheid’, which is a Dutch word for the feeling of coziness and warmth in a living space. Plants draw you into a room; you just want to be there!” For your wellbeing and for the aesthetic of your home, it’s time to get started on your indoor garden.


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