One Perfect Design: Fall 2014

Tom Bachtell, Represented by Art Rep NYC

Renowned design professionals from Juan Montoya to India Mahdavi tell us what’s best.

Rose Tarlow, Interior Designer, Los Angeles
"For me, the seemingly simple shape of an egg continues to fascinate. Historically, art and architectural students would spend their entire first year drawing and redrawing the object."

Thierry Despont, Architect, Designer and Artist, New York
"Gordon Murray’s metallic-gray McLaren F1 is sublime—those little aluminum knobs! In my dream world, I’d pull up in front of Palladio’s Villa La Rotonda in Vicenza, Italy, leave the windows down and play Bach’s Partitas as I climb the steps home."

Tino Zervudachi, Interior Designer, Paris
"The original London taxi is brilliant—it’s spacious though relatively compact on the outside, with that truly iconic rounded profile. It fits five comfortably; the doors open wide at a 90 degree angle; and it can make a U-turn in the tight­est streets. The drivers are the friendliest in the world, with the most remarkable knowledge of London geography."

India Mahdavi, Designer and Architect, Paris
"The iPhone, definitely, is my idea of one perfect design. It’s such a simple and obvious shape—but way beyond design, it’s 100 percent smart. It just goes to show that pure intelligence doesn’t need frills."

Nicky Haslam, Interior Designer, London
"The meandering subterranean grottoes of the Archbishop’s Palace at Kromeríž, in the Czech Republic, which is done in the Late Gothic style, have stamped a shadowy imprint on me. Their exuberant Baroque form is at haunting odds with their chalky plaster coolness. And their scale? Sheer bravado."

Juan Montoya, Interior Designer, New York
"The Stockholm Public Library, from 1928, by E. G. Asplund, is a functional work of geometric art: The entrance is elongated, embracing visitors, while inside, the walls are circular, almost like a planetarium. It’s a gem of balance and form."