One Perfect Design

Renowned design professionals tell us what’s best.

Robin Standefer and Stephen Alesch of Roman and Williams
“One of the most perfect objects man has created is the Leica M6 with a Noctilux lens. The camera is immaculately proportioned, simple, strong and handsome. It’s crafted from beautiful, high-quality materials and does not need any power to operate. But most importantly, this object ‘sees’ things in the most flawless way—it has the eyesight of an eagle.”

Wendy Goodman, departures contributing editor
“The photograph Entrance Hall, Neuilly-sur-Seine, by André Kertész, has transfixed me for as long as I can remember. It is the first image that swept me away into a land of beauty and dreams from an interior.”

Miles Redd, Interior Designer
The Flair felt-tip pen from Paper Mate writes beautifully and lasts long. It is also light and inexpensive and has a wonderful aerodynamic shape that's both simple and clean. I keep a cup full of them in black on my desk.

Carrier and Company, Interior Designers
“Vintage midcentury chests by Sarreid of Spain. They’re a mix of classic Campaign look from the 18th and 19th centuries, updated for the 20th century with the clean lines of Parsons-style furniture. We have a pair in our living room, and their brass shells have been both durable and forgiving. In fact, scratches and rings only add to the patina.”

Jeffrey Bilhuber, Interior Designer
“A bit contrary to all the lavish beauty and options that surround us, nothing can surpass the purity of a porcelain Edison lightbulb socket. I can neither add nor subtract from its design to make it any more beautiful or function any better.”