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A New Collection by Janus et Cie

The outdoor-furniture brand debuts new home accessories.

Home Grown


Home Grown

A countertop composter that transforms everyday scraps into usable soil.

Back to the Future


Back to the Future

Luxury watches embrace ’70s nostalgia and space-age glam.

How to Shop Vintage


How to Shop Vintage

“Euphoria” costume designer Heidi Bivens talks retro hunting.

Janice Feldman’s eye for craftsmanship, developed over years of travel and exploration, has made her outdoor-furniture brand Janus et Cie a trusted name among designers like Daniel Romualdez and hotels like the Four Seasons. Now the brand’s wares have come indoors, thanks to the 14-item Masterpiece Collection of home accessories launched in March. Each handmade object is a collaboration between Janus et Cie’s designers and the artisans Feldman has discovered all over the world. “Our clients want access to something that not everyone necessarily has access to,” says Feldman. “With this collection, we can turn the uninitiated into art collectors.” For store locations, go to

Lotus Bowl and Box: For 340 years a family of artisans has made some of the finest lacquerware in Vietnam. Crafted with 40 layers of cotton and raw urushi lacquer over the course of four months, its shape was designed centuries ago for display in royal palaces. $2,465.

Backgammon Board: Feldman’s personal sensitivity to sound led her to design a silent game of backgammon, in which the clickety-clack of pieces and dice that fills the alleyways of Istanbul is quieted by a board of the softest Australian cowhide. $3,000.

Stella Bowl: The lacquered objet, created by the same family of Vietnamese lacquer artisans, was designed under Feldman’s watchful eye as a library- or sideboard-ready homage to the artist of squares, Frank Stella. $1,530.

Sakura Teapot: Made with a bone bisque whose recipe dates back to the Ming Dynasty, the Chinese teapot was handcrafted into an ethereal garden by artisans from the rolling farmlands of northern China. Pictured above; $2,500.


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