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How to Give Your Master Bedroom a Summer Refresh

Let the outside in.

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The idea of letting the outside in, a design principle favored by Frank Lloyd Wright, is certainly one we could all benefit from right now. It’s with this in mind that we tackle overhauling your bedroom for spring and summer. Whether you’re ready to buy all new bedroom furniture and finally commit to a new king-size mattress, or you’re just looking for a few touch-ups to brighten your master bedroom, these tips can help you let the outside in to your boudoir:

Make Sure Your Bedroom Art Has One Cohesive Theme

When you’re entertaining, the bedroom is often the one room your guests don’t see. And as a result, there’s a big temptation to put all the mismatched artwork in there and worry about cohesion later. As part of your master bedroom overhaul, really consider the type of atmosphere you want to curate in this space. Do you want to feature a few family portraits or a wedding photo, or would you rather go airy and light with an abstract print or minimalist map? And if you’re looking for a way to introduce artistry into the room but need a more utilitarian wall accent, maybe the solution is a large accent mirror, rather than a piece of art. The bottom line is, when it comes to adorning your walls, committing to an underlying theme is essential.

Paint an Accent Wall

Instead of committing to a four-wall paint job, if you’re working with a white, beige, or taupe in the bedroom, adding an one-wall splash of color is a perfect way to shift your bedroom into summer mode. First, you need to be deliberate about choosing your wall. The Spruce recommends finding a “balanced wall,” one that won’t look “too bare or too busy.” To ensure your wall won’t look too bare, make sure you’ll still be able to add a piece of furniture “that won't cause visual clutter, such as a small table and chair.” Finally, to lighten up your bedroom, we’d recommend a cooler color for the summer, like a crisp blue or a light seafoam green.

Get Rid of One Piece of Bedroom Furniture

This goes back to the search for cohesion in the bedroom. You want your bedroom furniture, much like the art, to feel purposeful and deliberate rather than haphazard. Though, keep in mind that “cohesive furniture” is by no means synonymous with “matching bedroom sets." Instead, try to match your colors to the type of wood you’re working with in the bedroom. If you have a lighter and mildly distressed wooden bureau, you’ll want to stick to whites (both muted and bright) and cooler colors. Play a little game of One of These Things is Not Like the Other with your bedroom furniture. When you spot the piece that’s always felt slightly off to you, it's time to Marie Kondo it.

Choose a New Bed Frame and a New Bedspread

If you’re looking for that one big-ticket change to make, here it is: your bed frame. If you choose the right bed frame, it can really define the atmosphere of your room. So as you overhaul your master bedroom for the spring and summer months, don’t be afraid to make a statement with your bed frame. From minimal, steel four-poster bed frames to a grid-tufted headboard, lean into a new-to-you style. A Houzz survey actually found that “the majority of people (54 percent) change their style during a decorating project, and of those, the majority move away from traditional style or no particular style (64 percent).” As you update your bed frame, be sure to also choose a new bedspread to drive home the new feel you're bringing to the space.

Up Your Plant Game

The same Houzz survey found that 77% of people “want a calming environment in the bedroom,” which of course stands to reason. Part of curating a calm environment in the bedroom means not going overboard on decor pieces. One of the simplest ways to create a calming atmosphere in the master bedroom is to add plant life. HGTV recommends air-purifying plants for the master bedroom, like peace lilies or bamboo palms, both of which can inspire a better night’s sleep.

If You Have Room for a Reading Nook, Scout an Accent Chair

And don’t be shy about stepping slightly outside your design comfort zone for this chair. If every other piece in your bedroom feels cohesive, adding a standout chair that diverges makes for a nice pop. That’s especially true if your reading nook is well removed from the bed or bureau. Choosing a chair with its own style can make it feel like the reading nook is a touch more removed from the bedroom, ultimately making your space feel bigger. If your bedroom aesthetic tends toward minimal, browse for an Art Deco accent chair. If you prefer understated bedroom furniture with a modern flair, fully commit to a mod piece for your reading nook and scout a chair that’s a true work of art.


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