Rustic Romance: Makoto Kagoshima's Ceramics

Jens Mortensen

The artist channels his inner gardener in a series of floral-influenced tableware.

What's in a day's work? For Makoto Kagoshima, a ceramicist based in Fukuoka, Japan, it could be anything from pressing seashells into the edge of plates or experimenting with plastic straws to etching a playful fox motif. “I’m always looking for special things to draw with, from kitchen tools to kids’ toys,” says Kagoshima, who explains that he likes “happy and fun expressions of universal themes like plants and animals” when producing his serveware that borders between figurative and abstract. Hailing from a family of craftsmen, the 49-year-old avid gardener studied ceramics in college and is enjoying a growing following for his handcrafted products both high and low. The Venice, California, gallery Chariots on Fire introduced Kagoshima’s works in the U.S. in 2013 and released a book on their partnership in February. “The function of my work is to be decided by the user,” Kagoshima says, “but I hope to bring joy to people’s lives.” 310-450-3088;