7 Chic Flower Design Subscription Services

Never be without gorgeous blooms again. These artisanal floral design services deliver exquisite, fresh arrangements to your door—and on schedule.

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New York City doyenne Brooke Astor is known to have loved fresh-cut flowers: each week she received arrangements from her favorite florist, a staple among the upper-echelons of Manhattan’s social strata. In her later years, David Rockefeller would personally deliver a bouquet of sweet peas for her birthday. For Mrs. Astor, gorgeous blooms were a requisite, not an indulgence, and we’re inclined to agree. These days, a host of artisanal floral subscription services in cities around the U.S. make receiving (or sending) fresh blossoms daily, weekly, or monthly easier than ever before. In just a few clicks, you can schedule Astor-worthy arrangements for your office or home—or for a Mother’s Day gift with permanence, send a year of mom’s favorite flowers directly to her doorstep.