Can’t Travel? Get the Scent of Famous Destinations With These Luxe Candles

Humberto Cantu/Courtesy Scott Alexander

Bring Paris or Aspen into your home.

Scent is one of the strongest senses to transport you to another place or moment. So, why not let it take you to a favorite destination? That’s what inspired Scott Alexander to create candles with the scents of some famous cities

His collection features 10 scents, four of which capture the smells of incredible adventures to Paris, Aspen, Africa, and New York. To do that, the team did 18 months of researching hundreds of scents to get the right blend to go with each city or destination. Plus, each one was derived from the city, and they worked with perfumers in France and the U.S. to get it perfect. 

Humberto Cantu/Courtesy Scott Alexander

For example, the New York candle has a “hint of eccentricity” created using frankincense, sandalwood, amber, notes of patchouli, and pink pepper. Meanwhile, the Paris candle is meant to evoke a sense of “midnight strolls under twinkling starry skies and the warmth of oil-burning street lamps reflected on dewy cobblestone avenues.” That was accomplished using a blend of apricot, rose, and tonka bean.  

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To enhance the smell even more, Alexander uses cotton wicks, which disperses scents outward. And, according to the company, they burn longer than other candles. 

Humberto Cantu/Courtesy Scott Alexander

Not only do the candles create an ambiance with their scents, but the bronze vessels make them stand out as décor pieces as well. Each one is handmade from the age-old process of lost wax bronze casting in the foundry. So, each vessel is like a piece of art. And instead of throwing away your candle base, you can simply order a refill. 

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Prices for the bronze range from $330 to $1,930, with refills costing $60, $120, and $350. The largest is the size of an ice bucket and should last a year. There is also a more affordable glass line, which retails for $20 and $80 in the same 10 scents.