Modern Family: Louis Kahn, Revamped

The last residence built by architect Louis Kahn—to house “three boys, a dog, and a goldfish,” in 1973—has undergone a revamping by designer Jennifer Post. The serene results respect the past, but with an eye for the present.

Pieter Estersohn
OF 9

The Living Room

Custom Rudolfo Dordoni Williams sofa, using Orbit fabric in dove by Zinc. Price upon request,

Custom Walter Knoll Together bench (price upon request,, using Swayed fabric in ash by Design Tex ($123.00 per yard,

Custom coffee table. Price upon request,

Custom bronze-and-leather Jennifer Post bench. Price upon request;

Custom Rudolfo Dordoni Martin chairs (price upon request,, using custom-dyed olive green leather (price upon request, 

Custom silk-and-wool rug. Price upon request,