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Lasting Impression: Thornwillow Press

The enduring allure of paper notes.

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Home Grown


Home Grown

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In this age of disposable communication, when we delete correspondence, store memories in the Cloud and turn off books with a button, a note that you can touch, share and keep is an ever more powerful way of expressing yourself. An invitation, a menu, a guest book, beautifully designed and well crafted, is often the only tangible memory of a wonderful gathering of friends. Handwrite the envelopes, use fabulously engraved postage stamps, hand-deliver your invitations. You don’t wear polyester because it doesn’t wrinkle like silk, or have linoleum instead of marble because it’s easier to clean, so why send a virtual invitation when paper is that much more meaningful?

Pontifell is the founder of Thornwillow Press, printer and publisher of handmade limited-edition books (from $40), engraver of fine stationery (from $25), custom-leather bookbinder and maker of gifts and library accessories. Visit Thornwillow at the St. Regis in New York or Washington, D.C., or online at


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