How to Best Organize Your Walk-in Closet, According to an Expert

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These quick tips can totally transform even the messiest of walk-ins.

Walk-in closets are great. In fact, it’s sometimes the main selling point on a home. All those shelves. All that hanging space. Ample opportunity for color coordination. The options abound! 

But that’s just the thing––all of those options can get very overwhelming, very quickly. Piles of shoes, clothing placed on hangers in no particular order, heaps of laundry. Sound familiar?

If you’re in the business of whipping things into shape in your walk-in, we’ve got some good news for you: it’s not that difficult! There’s nothing worse than coming home from a vacation to a messy closet––or dreading the task of packing/unpacking because you know it will yield a big ol' mess in your closet. Lucky for those keen to sharpen their organizational skills, we spoke to professional organizer Barbara Reich of Resourceful Consultants in New York about how to maximize that closet space, tidy things up, and eliminate clutter.

She lives by a few staple rules, like putting your most used clothing in “prime real estate,” utilizing shelf and closet dividers, and making sure that your closet represents your lifestyle.

When it comes to categorical organization, Reich recommends grouping things together. “It’s the only way you’ll know how much of a particular category of clothing you have,” she said. “Put all of your black sweaters together, all of your cardigans together, and all of your turtlenecks together. Then within each category, group by color.” And how to make those separations happen seamlessly? “Use shelf dividers to separate your piles.” She suggests an acrylic shelf divider from Organize-It.

In terms of hanging clothing items, Reich is all about it––especially for ease of visibility. “Hang as much as possible. It’s easiest to see what you have. You can even categorize your hanging clothes using At-A-Glance Closet Organizing Dividers from Organize-It,” Reich said. “Use uniform hangers to eliminate the visual noise within your closet.”

For drawer organization, she recommends drawer dividers, like these ones from the Container Store, which can be used to separate smaller items (socks, intimates, etc.).  

Lastly, Reich suggests styling and structuring your walk-in closet space so that it reflects your daily life. “Make sure your closet represents the life you live today, not the life you wish you had or the life you used to have,” she said. “For example, eliminate the sizes that don’t fit and the clothing that's no longer relevant––you don’t need a professional wardrobe if you no longer work or if you work in a casual environment.”

Follow these tips, and rest assured knowing you’re well on your way to organizational bliss.