Home Scents to Love

Courtesy aedes.com

Going beyond the candle.

Room Spray: Aedes de Venustas’s first-ever limited-edition room fragrance (pictured here), a vibrant blend of leather, musk and strawflowers, is perfect for scenting small spaces. $70; aedes.com.

Scent Sphere: Fornasetti offers molto artistic and versatile room scent options—the La Chiave sphere can be filled with oils, incense sticks or scented crystals. $320; barneys.com.

Sachets: Infuse clothes and linens with the fresh smell of English pear and freesia in limited-edition satin pillows from Jo Malone. $65 for a set of two; jomalone.com.

Potpourri: Santa Maria Novella’s potpourri (a secret formula of herbs and flowers) is perfect in a bowl to freshen things up for spring. $35; santamarianovellausa.com.