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High Design Straight from El Salvador

The Hoodie of the Future


The Hoodie of the Future

British clothier Vollebak makes garments for today’s superhero.

Inside Noma


Inside Noma

In search of obsession, the discovery of something far more powerful inside the...

De Boer on the move in the dining room, the main bar and open kitchen in view.


Old-Fashioned Luxury, With Simple Ingredients

With Stissing House, Clare de Boer brings her fresh, unfussy food to Pine Plains,...

Jerry Helling, Bernhardt Design’s globe-trotting president, probably spends more time in the air than on the ground. When he does touch down, he sleuths out the best local design talent. Lately his focus has been The Carrot Concept (, a new collective of Salvadoran designers (furniture, textile, architectural) who have aligned to promote their work in the international market. By joining forces, they increase their global visibility. “The El Salvador design community has come so far so quickly, and this alliance encourages the designers to maintain the momentum. Think ‘carrot on a stick,’” says The Carrot Concept cofounder Harry Washington, who in May will present his group’s pieces, like stools by Claudia & Harry Washington, at WantedDesign in New York City (May 17–20; 269 11th Ave.;


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