Why Buy a $150,000 Mattress from Sweden?

Courtesy Hästens

So you can tour the Hästens factory.

It takes 350 hours to craft a Hästens Vividus bed. Only four artisans at the factory 90 minutes north of Stockholm are even qualified to work on the company’s haute-couture-level bedding.

And if you’re in the market for such a nocturnal upgrade, the company offers by-appointment tours of its so-called Dream Factory in Köping.

The curving, nearly ruffled 1940s building, designed by Ralph Erskine, is an architectural gem, and the tour includes a mattress-stitching course, a visit to the horsehair room (the secret ingredient), and a tranquil sense of nostalgia: a fully operational factory without a single robot—it could lull you into a peaceful slumber.