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A Guide to Healing Crystals—And How You Can Incorporate Them Into Your Home Décor

Crystals can affect the energy in your home resulting in a more harmonious environment.


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“Our spaces are really a reflection of our inner state of being,” says Rashia Bell, who, together with Elizabeth Kohn, founded The Cristalline, an interior design service that incorporates healing crystals into the spaces they decorate. Their client list includes the Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, The Class by Taryn Toomey, and many private homes.

“The purpose of crystals is to create more balance, to find greater alignment, and to create harmony. So essentially, [you can] select stones, based on their energy, to support not only how you feel in your home but as you move throughout your day and in your different experiences,” adds Bell, who spent 15 years working in the fashion, beauty, and luxury industries before becoming a certified crystal healer.

People’s fascination with semi-precious stones is nothing new. From China to Babylon and Egypt, ancient civilizations dating back thousands of years have used them in rituals, healing, and meditation, believing that certain crystals have protective abilities and energetic qualities.

Scientifically speaking, crystals are made up of atoms of certain elements arranged in a regular grid pattern. Because of their molecular composition, crystals have a specific vibrational frequency that can coincide with that of the human body.

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“Our own energy has almost a similar composition within our body—we're made up of water and minerals and oxygen and all these other things—so there's a unique thing that happens that creates this resonance, and creates this harmony, and so that very much reverberates into the spaces that are around us,” Bell explains. Each stone harnesses energy based on how the earth created it.

“If a stone is a result of a volcano such as obsidian, that stone is going to hold very different energy than a stone that was discovered when glaciers melted,” she adds. Lighter in color and more transparent stones such as selenite tend to have more clearing abilities that Bell likes to place in an entryway. On the other hand, darker stones such as black tourmaline, obsidian, or smoky quartz have absorption qualities, so she suggests putting those where your appliances are, such as by your WiFi router or booster, TV, or computer.

“If I was working on a space that was a dining room, where I like to hold dinner parties and I want to foster communication, some blue stones hold qualities that affect expression and communication and articulation. So a stone like sodalite, for example, I may use in a large bowl on a dining room table because not only is it serving that functional purpose, but sodalite is about expression—it's going to help maintain the conversation flow when I'm having my dinner parties,” recommends Bell.

If you are having trouble falling asleep, consider incorporating stones like rose quartz, blue calcite, moonstone, or lepidolite into your bedroom décor. Those are all crystals that promote rest and relaxation that can help you doze off more easily. And in your home office, citrine, pyrite, and aventurine will promote energy, vitality, some extra motivation, and wealth.

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“One of my favorite crystals to incorporate in my own home and those of clients is clear quartz. I love it from an aesthetic point of view, and I utilize its raw and natural makeup to bounce light and create playful shadows throughout. I also love clear quartz for its spiritual properties of clearing negativity and amplifying what's truly at our heart's center,” says Brittany Peltz Buerstedde, founder and creative director of wellness and spirituality-focused interior design firm SENA Lifestyle Studio.

And finally, there are a lot of ways to integrate healing crystals into your home—in plants, under the bed, as decorative objects—including literally placing them into your walls and the foundation of the house so they remain invisible, but you still reap the benefits of their energy.

To get you started, we rounded up some of the chicest crystal décor items that will make you feel energized and keep your home looking stylish.

John-Richard Collection Selenite Table Lamp

This elegant table lamp features a selenite base, perfect for the bedroom. The stone is associated with peace. It helps clear all worries and stress by creating a relaxing atmosphere in your bedroom.

To buy: $3,510,

ANNA New York Casca Agate Bowl

Agate enhances mental function and helps with focus and analytical abilities. It’s a great addition to your home office or living room since it is also known for its rebalancing and harmonizing qualities. This gorgeous multi purpose agate bowl is plated in silver and would make a great centerpiece on a coffee table or a sideboard.

To buy: $475,

Jia Jia Large Rose Quartz Display Tray

Rose quartz is known as the love stone—and that also means a love for self. Not only is this tray crafted from natural uncut quartz crystal, but its raw edges also catch the light beautifully. Use it as a statement piece in your bedroom or atop your coffee table in your living room if that’s where you spend most of your time.

To buy: $470,

Aerin Black Agate Geode

Looking for a sophisticated bookend? In addition to the gorgeous pattern of the crystal itself, the stone is dipped in gold for an even more striking effect. Black agate symbolizes stability delivering peace and harmony in households in turmoil.

To buy: $180,

Chiji Confidence Crystal Energy Candle

If you can use some confidence boost, then this candle is the ideal décor addition to your working space. It is hand-crafted from natural soy wax and set with tiny crystals that include lapis to encourage self-awareness, citrine for prosperity, and clear quartz. And with notes of honey, vanilla, caramel, musk and rum, it will also quite literally bring the sweet smell of success with it.

To buy: $40,

Kelly Wearstler Superluxe Bauble Tray

Allow Kelly Wearstler to bring some style and good vibes into your home. This unique tray features a mirrored base with a vintage look and burnished bronze sides. It is set with several natural stones such as lapis, malachite, and labradorite that will add a dose of positive energy to your living room.

To buy: $8,000,

Cinnamon Projects Circa Mineral Incense Burners

Cinnamon Projects’ crystal burners are the perfect way to combine both scent and natural stones’ relaxing properties to any space. They come with a stylish solid brass holder and feature 50 Japanese-style incense sticks. You can choose between eight crystal options that include red carnelian (the passion stone), red jasper (the stone of endurance), and gorgeous black onyx (the intuition stone).

To buy: $295,

The Cristalline x RE.VITYL Skin and Sleep Set

Include this set into your nighttime routine to encourage relaxation and deep sleep. The mulberry silk mask has a crystal insert enhanced with 16 stones that naturally improve sleep quality while the silver face roller has a clear quartz head that helps with blood circulation and gets rid of puffiness.

To buy: $98,

Bernhardt Risso Onyx End Table

White onyx helps you connect better with your inner energy and encourages focus and grounding. It is also known as a stone that enhances other crystals’ energy, so it’s a must-have for any home. And in this case, it comes in the shape of this stylish end table covered in onyx tiles of different patterns resulting in a beautiful mismatched effect.

To buy: $1,419,

Samuel Amoia Green Avertine Mirror

Samuel Amoia is known for incorporating different crystals into his furniture pieces turning them into art. He's also worked with Dior on creating fixtures for the brand’s stores around the world. This round wall mirror is accented with green avertine stones that transform it into a statement piece perfect for your bathroom or entryway.

To buy: Price on request,


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