Drawing Room: Garrow Kedigian's Uncanny Sketches

© Garrow Kedigian

The Canadian interior designer creates Instagram sketches that defy the rules of conventional renderings.

Garrow Kedigian doesn’t shy away from distorting reality. In fact, the interior designer regularly illustrates rooms for his clients with elongated furniture, tabletops tipped forward, and walls bowed and warped. But his take on a fun house mirror–esque perspective has a very real purpose: “The picture must tell a story!” says Kedigian, who got his start at Boston design firm William Hodgins. “You have to bend reality a bit so, in one sketch, you can communicate the whole feeling of the room and give life to the design.”

Kedigian’s whimsical, cartoonlike drawings aren’t just for the eyes of his clients. Posting under the name @garrowkdesigns, Kedigian shows off his prodigious skills on Instagram, alongside pictures of his finished rooms, creating abstracted designs that almost trump reality. “As Mr. Hodgins always said,” Kedigian reminisces, “if you can’t draw it, then you shouldn’t be designing it.”