Frank Lloyd Wright's Ennis House Can Be Yours for $23 Million

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That's right, another home by the famed architect just hit the market.

Perched on a Los Felix hilltop overlooking Los Angeles, the Ennis House is waiting for a new owner. Built in 1924, the three-bedroom, five-fireplace home just hit the market and it’s going for $23 million.

Designed by famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright, this home lives up to the builder’s reputation with its angular frame and artful design touches.

While it’s a true three-bedroom, there is a fourth guest bedroom over the garage. There’s also a separate guest house, a private pool, and a billiards room. The home has undergone a years-long renovation amounting to $17 million, an upgrade that’s clear from a quick peek at the photos. According to the listing on Coldwell Banker, the home comes furnished and also has an open patio.

Kirk McKoy/Getty Images

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The Ennis House was most recently sold in 2011 for $4.4 million—pre-renovations, of course. The home certainly sticks out among more traditional designs in the neighborhood: The surrounding facade features an imprinted tile design with subtle landscaping. The open-air patio seems the perfect locale for a summer grill-out. And the outdoor tile style continues indoors, with staggering pillars and walls made of the same material. The tile mosaics throughout the home are museum-worthy in their own right.

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If you’re interested in knowing more about Wright's Ennis House and how you can make it your own, head to the home listing on Coldwell Banker.

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