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8 Decor Ideas to Get Your Home Ready For a Luxurious Fall

As your wardrobe makes the transition into colder weather, allow your interiors to do the same.


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There’s something to be said for revamping your space in the fall. A new interior design scheme gives you a new excuse to stay inside as temperatures start to drop. (After all, your new couch won’t break itself in.) And getting a head-start on redecorating now means that your space will be at the top of its game when it’s time for the holidays.

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This autumn’s most luxurious trends come in a bevy of different textures, colors, and finishes. If you were to synthesize this season’s styles into one word, it would likely be dramatic. From textures that tempt you to reach out and touch to colors stirred up to shock the senses, this season is all about making an impact.

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These eight new trends are what interior designers believe will help usher your home through to the new year in style.

Oversized floral

Turn your walls into a work of art with a larger-than-life mural of beautiful still lifes, like elegant flowers in a vase. This example from Murals Wallpaper ($4.40 per square foot) looks best alongside jewel tones, like sapphire or ruby walls. Graham & Brown has a more old-school version ($84 per roll) if you prefer your walls with a nod to vintage dining ware.

Monochromatic navy blue

While navy blue may be considered a neutral on your body, an entire room washed in the hue can make a bold impact. Place a plush navy sofa (something sumptuous like this velvet sofa from CB2, $1,199) in front of some patterned navy wallpaper (damask keeps things elegant, $175) and complete the look with a navy ottoman. When a shade is equal parts royal and calming, you can never have enough.


Rose gold has officially made its way out of the trend cycle. In its place is something much more industrial and cool: copper. This fall, opt for copper everywhere you can place it. Whether you’re looking for an entire cabinet or an offbeat coffee table (like this one from Wayfair, $350), chrome keeps your metals looking just a bit more cool. For bonus trendy points, select a copper item with an interesting pattern or texture.

Bright Color Blocks

Opt for super-saturated colors and opt for a lot of them. In the bedroom, buy one pillow but all different colors. Burnt orange, peacock blue, and bright tomato red are all projected to be big for the season. And don’t be afraid to mix colors. Have a yellow duvet and a bright red throw. With this trend, it’s really “the more, the merrier.” For extra impact, select a subtle piece of furniture (like this stunning glass dining table, price upon inquiry) that can flawlessly draw together all the new colors of your room.


Keep your interiors light and playful with furniture that seems lighter than air. From lamps that cascade down from the ceiling (like this pendant set by Phoenix at 1st Dibs) to tables that seem to define gravity (we love this magical set from Boca do Lobo, price upon inquiry), bubbles float their way into any chic interior.

Monochromatic Dark Gray

Far from being boring, drenching a room in dark gray can add a sophisticated air. It’s something with more interest than white-wash without making an over-the-top statement. Douse your walls in something calm for a backdrop to other gray pieces. If you’re working in a small space, this monochromatic trick can make a room appear larger.

‘80s Pops

Keeping in play with the overall trend for more color, subtle nods to the ‘80s are coming back in fashionable interiors. Both graphics with wordplay can add a shock of fun to a colorful room. Think of Miami’s neon signs for inspiration; incorporate pop art pieces and bold lettering into highly-saturated paint shades.

Vintage Scandinavian

Look no further than IKEA for proof that Scandinavians know what they’re doing with furniture. But to realize just how long the Scandinavians have been nailing the interior game, take a peep into some vintage archives. Mid-century Scandinavian designs are popping up in spades for a vibe that’s equal parts stylish and cozy. This Icelandic cupboard ($1,760) feels fresh with touches of copper. 1st Dibs has a collection of vintage pickings, including this cozy armchair from Vik & Blindheim ($12,000).


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