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Creative Easter Basket Ideas That Aren't Just for Kids

These six unique ideas will give the Easter Bunny a run for her money.


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Sure, there’s nothing wrong with a classic Easter basket: a little paper-grass, some chocolate eggs, a sweet Easter card, Peeps, and maybe a fuzzy spring animal of some sort. But...the fun doesn’t need to end there.

If you’re looking to go above and beyond this Easter––like, really over the top––we’ve got you covered with some ideas that may be just ridiculous enough to totally thrill whomever you’re assembling a basket for.

The trick is: don’t limit yourself with the traditional interpretation of a basket. Your gift can still be an “Easter basket” without actually being inside a basket. How about an Easter wreath? Or maybe a spring-themed toiletry bag filled with goodies for someone who loves to pamper. We’re firmly of the mindset that one can never be too old for Easter goodies, so we’ve got ideas that we hope will inspire you to think outside the box––or, well, the basket––for anyone who is special in your life.

Easter Basket Wreath

This one requires a little bit of crafting, so get your glue gun ready. Head to a craft store like Michaels and pick out a medium-sized wreath frame, and then cover it (using hot glue) with that paper Easter grass that usually goes into baskets. There’s plenty of room for creativity with this idea, because you can attach anything you’d like to the wreath (again, using just a small dot of the glue). Maybe some classic Easter candies, like Cadbury Creme Eggs; maybe pick out a few gift cards to their favorite stores; and consider nestling a piece of spring-themed jewelry into the grass, too (florals are always a good place to start).

Easter Basket Toiletry Bag or Dopp Kit

There’s no doubt that someone in your life will absolutely love a toiletry bag filled with goodies a la an at-home spa day. Or, maybe this person travels all the time, and she or he needs a ready-to-go, pre-packaged dopp kit that can be tossed into their suitcase without much thought. There’s so much room to get creative here, and you can add flourishes of spring and Easter along the way. Start with the bag––get something spacious enough so that you can really fill it to the brim with goodies. Or, if this person is a frequent traveler, think about the best dopp kits for travel. Then start filling! You can either go really over-the-top, and pack the bag full of top-of-the-line overnight serums, face masks, lipstick and nail polish, fragrance, candles, and all that good stuff (we recommend starting at Sephora, Nordstrom, or Goop). Or consider practical travel toiletry items like TSA-size-approved face wash, toothpaste, deodorant etc. If you want to take it up a notch? Throw in a gift card for a massage or facial at this person’s favorite spa.

Easter Basket Rain Boots

If you’re designing a basket for someone who loves the rain, lives in a rainy climate, or is about to embark on a trip where they’ll definitely need a sturdy pair of rain boots, then this is the basket for you. Start by shopping around a little, and think about the colors that this person loves. We’re into these classic tall Hunter rain boots (available for both men and women)––which provide plenty of space for Easter goodies! Inside the boots, you can fill up on other nice rainy-day items, like a high-end rain jacket (for her, for him); a good rainy-day book; an assortment of herbal teas; or anything else that this person will find useful or comforting on a rainy day.

Easter Basket Straw Hat

Is your recipient heading somewhere warm and sunny? Then the straw hat Easter basket is a perfect fit for them. Flip the hat upside down, and fill it up with all sort of warm-weather goodies, like a quality sunscreen, good shades, maybe a new swimsuit, a pair of chic sandals, a good beach read etc. If you really want to surprise this special person, maybe even book them a trip to one of these warm-weather destinations, and leave the ticket in the hat as an extra special surprise. That would be an Easter never forgotten!

Easter Basket Umbrella

Whether your special person loves the rain, lives in a rainy place, or is just someone who appreciates practical items like a sturdy umbrella, this Easter basket idea is a good fit for pretty much everybody. We know there’s an old saying about opening umbrellas indoors, so maybe leave this one on the front porch. Open the umbrella, flip it over, and fill it with whatever he or she would really like––and we suggest a spring theme. Place a colorful bouquet of fresh tulips inside, along with a floral-scented candle, maybe some fresh stationery, a mini potted succulent, a new watch in celebration of Spring Forward, and––always––lots of Easter chocolate.

Gourmet Culinary Easter Basket

Perfect for the gourmet foodie in your life, we recommend using one of Le Creuset’s large stove top Dutch ovens as a basket (you can even purchase pastel shades, which are so fitting for spring). We’ll let you go crazy filling this pot with everything your favorite gourmand might love––use something like wrapped chocolate truffles as a base, and then place high-end food items among the chocolates. Does this person have a favorite food destination or cuisine? Even better. Say it’s the Mediterranean; pick out a handmade, packaged pasta, some top-of-the-line chorizo, wrapped Italian cheeses from a local market, a good bottle of Chianti––and maybe even a gift card to her or his favorite restaurant if you’re really feeling generous!


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