A Clutch Collaboration

Francis Dzikowski

Fashion designer Han Feng's fabulous designs find new incarnations as luxe rugs.

There’s a first time for everything, even if it’s a collaboration that seems like a no-brainer. In August custom carpet maker Tai Ping teamed up with Han Feng, the fashion/accessories/costume designer (who also happens to be a departures contributing editor), to launch its first-ever collection with a Chinese clothier. “The Chinese don’t have much of a rug culture,” Feng says. “This was a learning experience, and it elevated my own home to another level.”

The result is a faithful meditation on her decades-long career, with nine rugs inspired by her most exemplary design elements; Feng’s palette, pleats, folds, ruffles and embroidery are all present. Hand-tufted in wool, silk, flax and lace, and dyed in sumptuous hues, the pieces capture Feng’s detailed, textural delights, rendering her sense of movement and depth onto a plush, flat field. “It’s amazing how they translated the designs,” she says. “Sometimes I look at them and think, Oh my God, that’s mine?” A 6' x 9' rug starts at $4,320; taipingcarpets.com.