The British Guide to Design & Material Comforts

Drenched in history, bursting at the seams with talent, and always ready to take a risk: The highly considered world of British design has never been more global, accessible, and inspired. Here, an A–Z primer on whom to know, where to shop, and what to collect.

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A: Arts and Crafts

The softer side of British design is making a comeback.

Romantic ideals, medieval themes, and nature-inspired motifs from the Victorian age are the U.K.’s latest unlikely rage in decoration. “People are buying period properties and want to furnish them in the authentic colorways and original prints that would have been used back in Victorian times,” says Helen Elletson, curator of London’s William Morris Society and Museum. Spurred by the young and fashionable—including J. W. Anderson, creative director of Loewe, who used the style in his revamped shops—exhibitions are multiplying. Various museum shows in the country have taken place recently, and London’s Victoria and Albert Museum will unveil newly acquired drawings on November 7. —Bridget Arsenault