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How to Make Your Bedroom a Healthy Sleep Sanctuary

Your well-being and health literally depend on it.


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Our lives are getting busier and busier and that often affects not just the amount of time we set aside for rest but the quality of it, too. And that’s really bad news. Chronic sleep loss can lead to weight gain, high blood pressure, a decrease in cognitive function and immune system strength, and skincare issues (it’s called beauty sleep for a reason). That’s why it’s extremely important for adults to get between seven and nine hours of sleep, according to the National Sleep Foundation. That means making sure nothing in your bedroom interferes with your circadian rhythm.

First of all, invest in blackout shades or curtains. They don’t just give you privacy but they also block out any light, whether natural or from street lamps. Some shades even have noise-insulating qualities so they can reduce environmental noise, too.

Second, paint your bedroom walls in neutral colors and avoid anything too bright. The point is to create a calming space that predisposes you to relax and ultimately fall asleep.

Third, set your thermostat between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit. This is important because your body’s temperature decreases when you doze off so in order to fall asleep you need to keep your bedroom cool.

Now keep reading to find out what else you can do turn your bedroom into sleep heaven.

Snooz White Noise Machine

Loud and sudden sounds can be detrimental to your sleep. White noise, on the other hand, provides a consistent acoustic backdrop and can have a soothing effect that improves your rest time. White noise machines block out environmental noises such as street traffic and can prevent you from frequently waking up especially if you are a light sleeper or have just fallen asleep and are in the early stages of it.

This sleek Bluetooth machine has a fan inside that generates consistent non-looping white noise without emitting any cool air. It has an adjustable tone and multiple volume settings and if you download the Snooz app, you can also program it to turn on and off at an exact time, among many other things.

To buy: $80, thegrommet.com

Vitruvi x Goop Stone Diffuser

Scents like lavender, vanilla, and jasmine can have a soothing effect and help you fall asleep faster. According to the National Sleep Foundation, “lavender has been shown to decrease heart rate and blood pressure, potentially putting you in a more relaxed state.”

The best-selling Vitruvi diffuser is the perfect way to incorporate aromatherapy into your nighttime routine and add a sleek décor element to your bedroom. The diffuser is super easy to set up and you can also use it only as a humidifier during the winter. Vitruvi also has a line of high-quality essential oils that include lavender, eucalyptus, and a blend of Amyris, Bergamot, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Basil, that smells like a beach vacation in a bottle.

To buy: $119, goop.com

DUX One Mattress

A good mattress will be one of your most valuable investments when it comes to getting some quality z’s.

In May this year, Swedish luxury brand Dux launched a fully customizable bed that will ensure your mattress fits your physical needs and preferences. There are over 200 customizable design options including legs, bed skirts and headboards, and it’s all available online.

The best thing is that you can update the design after a while if you’ve had an injury or are pregnant, for instance, so it accommodates better your current physical shape. Dux will also let you swap out individual components if you damage them (or spill your cup of coffee on the mattress), so you don’t have to buy a new bed just because something is broken.

To buy: from $4,495, duxiana.com

Frette Flying Sheet Sets

When it comes to high-quality bed linen, Frette is in a league of its own. The Italian brand has partnered with more than 1,500 luxury properties around the world to supply them with bed and bath linens. So if you’d like to feel like you’re falling asleep on cloud nine then a set of Frette bed linens should definitely be a part of the experience.

This classic sheet set in white features a contrasting border and is made from a hundred percent sateen cotton in Italy that feels incredibly soft and cool to the touch.

To buy: $1,100, bloomingdales.com

Lighting Science Group Good Night Sleep Enhancing LED Bulb

You already know that in order to catch your z’s you have to minimize the exposure to blue light at night (so no TV, phone, or tablet). This is because blue light prevents your body from producing melatonin, the hormone that regulates your sleep cycle. But that doesn’t mean that any other light will have the opposite effect. Research shows that only natural red light can decrease headaches and help you fall asleep more easily. So if you have a bedside table lamp, you better switch its light bulb with this LED one that was initially developed for NASA astronauts on the International Space Station. The warm light it emits won’t mess up with your circadian clock thanks to its low color temperature so you will be able to fall asleep when you’re ready.

To buy: $16, lightology.com

Four Seasons Pillow

Make your bedroom look and feel like a five-star hotel! The Four Seasons’ pillows are filled with a blend of white hypoallergenic down and feather that provide exceptional support and guarantee you a night of blissful sleep.

To buy: $175, fourseasons.com

Saatva Organic Weighted Blanket

A weighted blanket can help reduce stress and anxiety through the so-called “pressure therapy.” The pressure from it activates the parasympathetic nervous system that can lower your heart and breathing rates and, in that way, prepare you for sleep. The feeling is similar to that of being hugged or swaddled—it is comforting and calming enough for you to doze off.

Saatva’s soft and cozy blanket is made from organic velvety cotton full with natural glass beads that provide gentle and even pressure.

To buy: $295, saatva.com

Hanro Cotton Deluxe Pajama Set

While we wholeheartedly embrace the fashion trend of wearing silk PJs as regular clothes outside, when it gets down to business, we suggest you have a designated set or two that you only wear to bed.

The simple act of changing into a comfy pair of PJs after a long day and sliding under the sheets has more of a psychological effect on your mind than a physical one. It calms you down and signals your body that you are ready to sleep.

And cotton is always the best option when it comes to PJs since it is a natural fiber that will allow your body to “breathe” and won’t cause any irritation or discomfort.

To buy: $480, neimanmarcus.com

Calm Meditation App

Meditation apps like Calm can be extremely beneficial for getting a good night’s sleep. It offers plenty of resources that will calm you down at bedtime and help you fall asleep faster. You can choose to unwind from the day with a sleep story, a guided meditation session that releases anxiety and relaxes your mind and body, or listen to one of the many soothing natural soundscapes.

Right now, new American Express card members can get a free Calm membership for a year and 50 percent off their second year until September 2020.

To buy: calm.com

Molekule Air Purifier

Since you breathe deepest in your sleep, it’s extremely important to make sure that the air you inhale is as clean as possible and free of any pollutants.

The sleek Molekule air purifier not only can filter the air in spaces up to 600 square foot but it also destroys bacteria and pathogens and does so pretty quietly. And unlike most air purifiers, it is designed to take in air from every angle so you don;t have to point it a certain way to work efficiently. The touchscreen lets you select your desired fan speed and mode as well as check the filter’s status.

To buy: $799, molecule.com

Noise Reducing Blackout Curtain Panel

Create the perfect sleeping environment with these blackout curtains. Thanks to their multi-layer construction they block light, reduce outside noise, and serve as additional heat insulation in your bedroom.

They are available in three shades (black, white, and light grey and all are machine-washable) and can be hung either on a pole or on loops.

To buy: $89, pbteen.com

Dermalogica Sound Sleep Cocoon

Getting your beauty sleep just got a whole lot easier. Dermatologica’s revitalizing moisturizer is formulated with Persian silk tree extract that fights free radicals and Vitamin C that works overnight to brighten your skin tone and reduce dark spots. This skin treatment also has French lavender and sandalwood in it that are slowly released throughout the night and help you get a restful sleep.

To buy: $82, ulta.com


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