Best Stoves

Viking Range Corporation

Chef Geoffrey Zakarian of TV’s "Iron Chef" and the Lamb’s Club in New York talks the pros and cons of five favorite home ranges.

AGA: The English five-oven is a workhorse for roasting or baking, but the small range is more for Le Creuset pots than skillets. Stoves, from $14,950; A5-Oven, from $20,600;

Viking: Viking’s offerings are extremely durable, powerful and—because they’re U.S.-made—easy to service. Stoves, from $4,770; Viking 48-inch dual fuel (pictured here), $12,000;

Bonnet Maestro: In more Michelin-starred restaurants than any other, Bonnets last 30-plus years but require professional care—even Rolls-Royces are always in the shop. Custom stoves start at $54,000;

Electrolux: I grew up in France, where the entire kitchen is electric. An electric oven can get extremely hot—in this model the heat is consistent. Stoves start at $3,050;

Lacanche: This custom range allows one to mix and match any element, even going from gas to electric. Plus, look at it—it’s just sexy. Stoves, from $6,000;