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The Perfect Cup

Food and Drink

The Perfect Cup

Terra Kaffe’s espresso machine elevates your morning ritual with the press of a...

Sweet Dreams Are Made of These


Sweet Dreams Are Made of These

A trio of new sleep-friendly devices to help you get more than 40 winks.

The Iceman Cometh

Body and Mind

The Iceman Cometh

Wim Hof thinks the secrets of the universe are contained within cold water. He may...

AGA: The English five-oven is a workhorse for roasting or baking, but the small range is more for Le Creuset pots than skillets. Stoves, from $14,950; A5-Oven, from $20,600;

Viking: Viking’s offerings are extremely durable, powerful and—because they’re U.S.-made—easy to service. Stoves, from $4,770; Viking 48-inch dual fuel (pictured here), $12,000;

Bonnet Maestro: In more Michelin-starred restaurants than any other, Bonnets last 30-plus years but require professional care—even Rolls-Royces are always in the shop. Custom stoves start at $54,000;

Electrolux: I grew up in France, where the entire kitchen is electric. An electric oven can get extremely hot—in this model the heat is consistent. Stoves start at $3,050;

Lacanche: This custom range allows one to mix and match any element, even going from gas to electric. Plus, look at it—it’s just sexy. Stoves, from $6,000;


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