The Best Online Poker Sites for Every Kind of Player

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From organizing a Texas Hold’em tournament among friends to playing solo for real cash. 

Online poker is—and always has been—nuanced, to say the very least. There are a plethora of online gambling outlets, and as a result, it’s hard to parse which online poker sites make for a good place to host a poker game among friends, which have apps that translate to a mobile-friendly playing experience, and where to play online poker for real money. We’ve scoured the web for the best online poker sites for those looking to join tournaments as a solo player and play for real money, for players looking to host a casual online poker game among friends, or for Texas Hold’em fans in search of on-the-go play. Here, the best online poker outlets for every game palette.

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Where to Play Online Poker for Real Money

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Whether you’re looking to join an all-or-nothing tournament, or you prefer cash games, it’s very possible to find both (and play for real money) online. But, you do need to be extremely careful about protecting your financial information and finding reputable online poker outlets. These seven sites are some of the online poker community’s favorite among the dozens available. Again, be vigilant in terms of protecting your technology (from viruses, etc.) and financial information, and be sure to discuss any tax or other financial implications with a professional.

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Where to Gather Friends for a Recreational Online Poker Game

Creating a fun, virtual poker game among friends requires finding the right site. What you don’t want when hosting an online game is a bad user experience, clouded with pop-up ads and overly cluttered interfaces. We’d recommend the following three sites for those looking to play with people they know (or create a game specifically for their own friends or family). If you want to play for real money, each of these three sites will keep track of who’s owed what (and by whom), and you can then set up your own means of payment through Venmo or Splitwise

Best Online Poker Apps to Download on Your iPhone, Android, Mac, or PC

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A positive user experience on your browser doesn’t necessarily translate to a great online poker app. Some of the best online poker sites actually don’t have apps, or their apps are considered less reliable than just playing on Safari or Chrome. Online poker aficionados prefer these five outlets for those who want to download a poker app to their phone or computer—some are compatible with PCs and Androids, others with iOS.