Live in (Rough) Luxury

Selldorf Architects

Few know that the Amangiri in Canyon Point, Utah, offers residences for sale. Here, architect 
Annabelle Selldorf gives an exclusive take on how she designed two of the never-before-seen homes.

Low Profile
“We didn’t want the architecture to dominate the setting and obstruct views, so we created buildings with long, close-to-the-ground profiles.”

Material Matters
“We wanted these residences to relate to the main resort’s adobe buildings without being exact replicas, so we sourced local materials like stucco and Douglas fir.”

Lounge View
“While the bedrooms look out to closer rock formations, we oriented the pool area so the angles focus on grander, more distant vistas.”

Optical Illusion
“This site is much more uneven than that for the other property, but we worked hard to create the effect of making the two-story buildings look like one story.”

Tread Lightly
“This property is only 300 feet away from the other, but we landscaped them to be private enough so neither residence can be seen from the other.”

All Natural
“We set out to minimize environmental impact—the buildings use brise-soleils for shading, geothermal heating and cooling, and solar water heating.”

Color Scheme
“To complement the landscape, we kept a very limited palette for the interior and exterior—just the shades of stone and wood accented with black.”

Photos courtesy of Selldorf Architects. The properties (Mesa 2, top, and Mesa 3) are $15 million each; 1 Kayenta Rd. CONTACT: Partners Trust Real Estate Brokerage & Acquisitions, 435-675-3222;