Who to Call for Head-to-Toe Wellness

De Agostini - Getty Images

From a plastic surgeon to a hairstylist, we've got you covered.

The Plastic Surgeon: Over the past 25 years, Dr. Gerald Imber has popularized smaller, less-invasive antiaging procedures at his Imber Clinic in Manhattan. His two latest are a “C” Lift ($12,500) for men (a rejuvenating procedure for those who don’t want or need a full facelift) and the use of fat transfers in the face, cheekbones and chin as an antiaging tool that takes up slack and increases angularity ($6,500). drimber.com

The Massage Therapist: In the British Virgin Islands at Peter Island Resort and Spa is Sabaree Santhanam, an Ayurvedic practitioner who, with a colleague, gives a four-handed, deep-tissue massage like no other we’ve experienced. Called an Abhyanga treatment, it dislodges toxins, loosens muscles and calms the mind, especially when received in a beachside cabana. $310; peterisland.com.

The Hairstylist: Manhattan’s coolest stylist is now Miami’s hottest with the opening of a Julien Farel salon downtown. “I’m bringing Madison Avenue’s beautiful, elegant hair to my clients’ top winter spot,” Farel says. Cut and blowout, from $100; julienfarel.com.

The Facialists: Best known for her lymphatic-drainage massage facials, London-based Nichola Joss has just opened her own studio at Sanctuary Spa in Covent Garden (from $145; sanctuary.com). In New York, Dangene’s power facial at the Core Club is a serious workout for troubled skin ($1,500; dangene.com).

The Foot Doctor: Among her many innovative procedures is New York podiatrist Suzanne Levine’s latest, called the Lube Job. “For those whose joints are wearing out and causing pain in their feet, especially in the big toe, it’s like going for a tune-up,” says Levine. “I inject a hyaluronate fluid that acts as a lubricant and shock absorber.” The best part: It can help avoid bunion surgery. $500; institutebeaute.com.