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Take a 21-Day Wellness Sabbatical at This Luxurious Mexican Resort

Head south of the border for the ultimate self-care getaway.


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There are countless wellness retreats where you can perfect your yoga skills, jumpstart a new diet, or find some inner peace with meditation. But, they are all typically over just a few days. Rancho La Puerta, on the other hand, just launched a 21-day wellness sabbatical program to ensure you get a comprehensive self-care getaway.

The announcement comes after the Global Wellness Summit’s new 2020 Trend Report, which revealed there is a new wellness sabbatical trend on the rise. What does that mean exactly? Statistics are showing that people are overworking at alarming rates, leading to obesity, stress, lack of sleep, etc. That’s why it’s more important than ever that people take a step back, hit pause, and focus on self-care and their overall wellness to live a long, healthy life.

That’s why Rancho La Puerta in Tecate, Mexico, decided to be one of the first to truly embrace this trend and put their support behind it with their new program.

“Increasingly, we as a society are being faced with time constraints that force us to make decisions that lean towards our profession or families,” Roberto Arjona, General Manager and CEO of Rancho La Puerta, told Departures. “While the need for this program has been around for a long time, family and professional expectations have changed dramatically in recent years. Women and men need to find the time and place for self-care, personal, and professional growth. And we are doing that.”

Throughout the 21-day retreat, guests will have time to focus on their health and recharge with fitness classes, spa treatments, and workshops, while also staying connected to maintain a flexible work-life schedule among a wellness-conscious setting. So, you get the ultimate work-life balance.

The program includes a stay in a private villa with an in-room office set up, nine spa therapies, three private wellness consultations, weekly intention setting sessions, two private fitness consultations, hands-on cooking class and microbiome class, inner fitness consultation, daily farm-fresh spa cuisine, and access to all Ranch programs including yoga, meditation, nutritional education, entertainment, art classes, and group fitness.

“The setting, community, and program that are conducive to afford the guests real progress in replacing habits that affect their vitality and a clear focus on their goals and performance,” said Arjona. “The guests achieve these changes through a guided program.”

He added, “the ability to identify behaviors that need to be replaced by healthy habits while maintaining a balance with their responsibilities back home. This experiential learning will generate awareness and muscle memory that can be applied from that point on.”

Rates for the all-inclusive program start at $19,020 per person with double occupancy.


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