Technogym: Sit and Stay Fit

A high-tech ball contributes to daily health.

Chairs are so passé. “It’s all about the ball!” says Technogym personal trainer Josh Holland. Behind every desk at the company’s headquarters in Cesena, Italy, is a Wellness Ball, a chic version of the ubiquitous PVC inflatables found in gyms around the world. Besides its cool look, what makes the Italian model extra special is the dual-lining cover of breathable honeycomb material, similar to running shoes, and the dense lower half, which allows for more control. It also comes with a QR code to access video training programs and a dedicated website for health and fitness tips. When we tried out the ball during a visit to Technogym’s campus, we immediately wanted to bring one back; after all, who doesn’t need help correcting one’s posture, improving flexibility and toning abs and legs? Now it’s available stateside in 21- and 25-inch sizes. $225 each; 70 Greene St., New York;