: AKT InMotion

© Tom Bachtell

New York’s AKT InMotion makes it addictively easy to get into the best shape of your life.

“You look like you’re in a music video!” screams fitness trainer Anna Kaiser to a class of a dozen sweaty women of varying ages who are grapevining in sync to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.” Kaiser is the spandex-clad Tinker Bell–meets–Mexican jumping bean proprietress of AKT InMotion, a boutique wellness studio (with a fetching flagship location on Manhattan’s Upper East Side) for those looking to drop pounds, shrink inches and possibly be able to beat Kaiser’s client Shakira in a dance-off.

AKT offers a unique roster of dance- and circuit-based classes that mix the holy trinity of exercise—cardio, strength and flexibility—into fun one-hour sessions. For example, the studio’s signature dance class, Happy Hour (what Kaiser was teaching that “Thriller” night), might start off with a dance cardio warm-up, followed by planks, a first dance routine, arm strengthening (using hand weights, medicine balls or bands), a second dance routine, leg toning (done at the barre or on a mat) and ab work. A circuit class like 4Play involves interval training with no dancing. Amazingly AKT’s results (six-pack abs, flab-be-gone arms, long and lean legs) somehow become a secondary accomplishment to nailing that sashay and jump-kick dance routine—or finally being able to do a darn push-up!

Monthly memberships ($450) include unlimited classes, access to a nutritionist and masseuse and laundry services. AKT also offers an eight-week Transformation Program ($2,000) for women and men that involves exercise, nutrition counseling and bodywork. Can’t make it to the studio? A DVD is out in January.

At 244 E. 84th St., 4th fl.;