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Q: The line really took off in your first year.

A: It sells because it’s a simple three-step system. It’s easy. It doesn’t require a headache to use...and because I’m really picky. I keep it tight and curated. I just felt like everything was getting so complicated. As my grandfather used to say, “KISS—Keep It Simple Stupid.”

Q: Did it exceed your expectations?

A: It’s been exciting, but I’m going to be very frank, it’s been trial and error, like any start-up. When I started, I thought my customers were 22 to 30. Turns out, my core is 38 to 65. I’m 35, so it makes sense. You start buying an anti-aging product at my age.

Q: You’re also reasonably priced.

A: Right, I created the line because I was really sick of getting ripped off. I was spending thousands of dollars on products that just didn’t work. I come from a background of research in stocks. So I started researching this like a stock, what goes into a product.

Q: Do you go to the lab?

A: All the time! I sat with them while they were mixing the colors for the lip glosses...they’re sick of me there!

Q: But you don’t have a chemistry background, so what are you looking for?

A: For texture. I tried all the lip glosses on my own face; I went through almost 60 iterations because I’m so sensitive and I kept breaking out.

Q: Is that why you made the line fragrance- and paraben-free?

A: And gluten- and nut-free. I went around to my friends and asked, “What don’t you want in your products?” Everyone said no nuts, because all the kids these days have nut allergies.

Q: Sounds like your focus groups are your friends?

A: They are, and they’re picky friends. I get a lot of feedback!

Q: Are they honest with you?

A: Yeah, because they know I can take it. I don’t need you to tell me you like it if you don’t; I’m not a sugar-coated sort of gal. [Laughs] I did run a hedge fund, you know, for Steve Cohen. There was not a lot of sugar-coating in my life before this. I can take it with the best of them.

Q: Can the products be used by men as well?

A: My husband (real estate mogul Billy Macklowe) tends to steal my cleanser, eye cream and exfoliator. Any man can cleanse with Rub Off ($25), our facial exfoliator, which helps with in-grown hairs. And Evidence Eraser ($25), our foaming cleanser, lathers like crazy, so it can be used as a shave cream. The packaging is also very unisex; I wanted something gender neutral. And purple is my five-year-old daughter’s favorite color.

Q: Your It Kit ($100) with five travel-sized essentials is great, but why the gunmetal case and not a clear plastic one to get through security easily?

A: People don’t realize it’s actually lightweight metalized plastic that scans right through. It’s funny, customers were taking the products out and putting them in Ziploc bags. You don’t have to; you just put the case in your bag and go. I created it because I once got my toiletries taken away. My husband stuck something in my bag and I had to buy all new products when we got to Paris. It cost me a fortune! And I broke out in hives because they were heavily perfumed!

Q: What are you working on next?

A: Two concealers, because I personally use concealer when I go out, so I’m doing high and low versions to blend together. I put on mascara, a little eye shadow, some lip gloss and I’m done. I don’t have time to put on foundation, and if you have good skincare, you’ll find in a couple of months, you don’t need it.

Q: How do you not wear foundation? Your skin looks so smooth.

A: Use Vbeauté for two months and it will make your pores smaller...combined maybe with a laser treatment or two. [Laughs] Look, there is no be-all and end-all, but we do hear so often from customers that say, “My skin tone and complexion have changed!” For me, nothing’s better.

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