A Global Guide to Personal Services

Nathalie Baëtens/Courtesy of Maison Francis Kurkdjian

From fitness to facials, a black book of ten experts who take the art of maintenance to exceptional levels.

For Lisa Sun, spending a decade hopping from airport to airport as one of McKinsey’s top consultants meant looking good anywhere, anytime—no matter how bad the jet lag or how long the journey. To appear consistently groomed, rested and ready to work, she learned to rely on a global army of experts—manicurists, dermatologists, facialists, hair professionals—to help her hit the mark.

She isn’t alone. Jet-setters have cadres of VIP miracle workers who supply five-star personal maintenance. In London, facialist Nichola Joss specializes in a signature technique that many of her loyal clients compare to an instant facelift. Personal trainer Luke Istomin, who calls Sydney home, has a no-nonsense, no-excuses approach to fitness that gets results (just ask Hugh Jackman). And perfumer Francis Kurkdjian (pictured above) in Paris concocts entirely personalized custom fragrances that are as exclusive as scents can get.

Focusing on the hands and feet kept Sun, who now runs her own clothing firm called Project Gravitas (projectgravitas.com), ready for anything. (“It’s my number-one tip when traveling—always find a salon near your hotel,” she explains.) And while overall polish is important, making time for a blowout, an acupuncture session or a workout goes beyond aesthetics. “Travel is taxing on your body no matter what,” says Sun. “If you don’t do these little things, you won’t feel like your best self.”