Coastal Cult Gyms

Courtesy Station Fitness

Boutique gym classes like cycling, power yoga, and boxing have spun off into workout-specific clubs of their own.

The first wave of the fitness revolution came in the form of bare-bones, gymnasium-type facilities. Then Equinox and Sports Club/LA entered the national mix with top-notch equipment, juice bars and locker room attendants, and an endless variety of group fitness classes. These days the same boutique classes—cycling, power yoga, boxing—have spun off into workout-specific clubs of their own. (Some, like Physique 57, Tracy Anderson Method, and YogaWorks, have DVDs, too, so workouts aren’t restricted to a souped-up studio.) The result is a network of cultish followers who swear by their chosen regimen (former Tracy Anderson devotee Madonna gave up running once she adopted Anderson’s dance-focused Method; Kelly Ripa credits her toned abs to Physique 57’s ballet barre). Pity the poor forgotten treadmill.