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Calm and American Express Partner to Launch 'The History of a Dream' with Scottie Pippen

One of the greatest players of all time hosts a history of basketball sleep story to lull you to bed during the NBA finals.

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American Express has partnered with sleep and meditation app, Calm, to launch “The History of a Dream” Sleep Story with Scottie Pippen. “The History of a Dream” is meant to be a recuperative journey through the history of basketball, narrated by Pippen, to promote relaxation and lull the listener to sleep. With the NBA championship series starting September 30, basketball fans can unwind while journeying through the history of the game.

Scottie Pippen, known as an NBA superstar for playing in 17 seasons and winning six championship titles with the Chicago Bulls, is thrilled for the opportunity to encourage rest, mindfulness, and healthy sleep practices. “When it comes to achieving and maintaining a healthy existence, exercise and a balanced diet are key, but just as important is the ability to relax, refresh, and recharge,” said Pippen.

Pippen’s Sleep Story is a relaxing outlet to turn to as Americans navigate this era of working and schooling from home—and the stress that brings into the house. The need for restorative practices is largely why American Express has been so committed to offering various limited-time offers, services, and solutions to promote wellness during this uncertain time. One of those American Express Card Member perks is complimentary access to a one-year premium membership with Calm—and half off the second year. It’s actually the first time Calm has made their premium membership available to certain consumers at no cost, and American Express Card Members can enroll until October 31, 2020.

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As part of the partnership between American Express and Calm, American Express Card Members can join Scottie Pippen and sports psychologist George Mumford for a discussion on the integral role mindfulness played in the sport legend's career. Card Members can submit questions for the exclusive virtual conversation ahead of time—and will receive a photo signed by Pippen and a signed copy of Mumford’s upcoming book, The Mindful Athlete: Secrets to Pure Performance.

Until then, “The History of a Dream” Sleep Story, narrated by Scottie Pippen and written by Charles Duffie, is available for listening on Calm.


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