How to Perfect Your Wellness Routine at Home

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From spa-worthy beauty treatments to the best meditation apps, this is your guide to staying healthy while stuck at home.

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When you're stuck at home, whether it's because you've come down with a cold or it's an unrelenting snow day, it's important to still focus on your health—both mental and physical. A relaxing beauty treatment can put you in the right mental state and an at-home workout can give you the energy to take control of the day. Fortunately, thanks to technology and express shipping, you don’t have to make compromises with your fitness and beauty routines. Here’s how:

Spa-Worthy Beauty Treatments

“Skincare should be consistent. I always recommend an at-home facial every week, which is my routine. Do it on the same day each week and it should include a good cleanse, an exfoliation, and a mask to address your skin’s needs, whether it is to hydrate, heal and soothe, or to rejuvenate,” says Rita Moon, lead aesthetician at Hawanawana Spa at Four Seasons Resort Lanai .

She recommends taking “a cocktail approach” when using serums.

“I think the two most important antioxidants are vitamin C and hyaluronic acid. Use vitamin C at night and the hyaluronic acid in the morning. It is a humectant and will help to draw moisture to your skin all day.”

If a retinol product is part of your skincare routine, she recommends applying Vitamin C first and then the retinol. Since retinol can irritate some skin types and it will also make you sun sensitive, go slow with it as your skin will thin a bit. Moon’s favorite organic skincare line is OSEA Malibu. The brand has an excellent Vitamin C Probiotic Face Polish that will make your skin more radiant and help with hyperpigmentation thanks to its formula that is enriched with Pomegranate Enzymes.

Here are a few other suggestions for face masks and treatments that will help you maintain a beaming complexion even if you skip a couple of visits to your facialist.

La Prairie's Cellular 3-Minute Peel

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A quick and effective peel that helps reveal younger cells resulting in a skin that is more radiant and refreshed. La Prairie’s peel is easy to apply using the brush that comes with it and acts in only three minutes without irritating your skin.

To buy: $250,

La Mer The Brilliance Brightening Mask

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This two-step serum and cream mask will leave your face looking like you just had a pampering facial at the spa. Its powerful formula contains La Mer’s proprietary “Miracle Broth”—a cell-renewing extract infused with Giant Sea Kelp that is known for its self-regenerating powers.

Apply a few drops of the soothing primer first and then follow with the gel cream. Allow it to act for eight minutes and then massage it gently into your skin. If you’re worried about hyperpigmentation or dark spots, you will love this brightening mask.

To buy: $250,

L.Raphael Correcting Mask

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You may not be able to go to the Four Seasons spa in New York City but that doesn’t mean you can’t get the same treatments at home.

This anti-aging face mask that is a favorite at the property delivers younger-looking results in 20 minutes. Its formula helps the natural cell renewal process of the skin and locks in moisture. Over time, it also helps with collagen production and skin brightening.

To buy: $225,

The Best At-Home Workout Apps and Streaming Services

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“Along with being great for body and mind, exercise plays a very important role in the health of your skin. Increasing circulation will help to move toxins and keep your skin fresh and dewy,” says Moon.

Of course, even if you have no skin issues you should still find time to exercise at home as there are so many benefits to it including boosting your immune system which is essential right now. The American Heart Association recommends two and a half hours of cardio per week or 75 minutes if your workouts are especially grueling. We know that motivating yourself to get up from the sofa can be challenging but these workout apps will make it easier to maintain your fitness level:


Don’t worry, you don’t have to invest in Peloton’s equipment to be able to take advantage of the company’s app. In fact, you don’t need to own any gear, Peloton-branded or otherwise, to participate in one of the thousands of fitness classes that you get access to. Whether you are into HIIT, strength training, or simply need a good stretching session, you can find it all on Peloton.

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, Peloton is now offering a 90-day free trial (as opposed to just 30) so you really have no excuse not to give it a try.

Click here to download the app on your iPhone. Click here to download the app on your Google device.


Obé may be just two years old but the company is incredibly popular thanks to their signature 28-minute (very intense) workouts. The membership gives you access to 100 live classes per week and an on-demand library of even more workouts ranging from yoga, barre, stretching, cardio, and many more. The classes are super fun and you may even learn a new move or two if you opt to try out any of the dance sessions.

The company has extended its free trial policy from seven to 30 days due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Click here to start your free trial.

Daily Burn

If you miss your personal trainer, then you’re in luck. Not only does Daily Burn have thousands of workout videos but you can also get one-on-one virtual training sessions with a pro. You can stream the classes from pretty much any device. We love Daily Burn because it really feels like a community so it’s easy to get motivated and stay on track with your fitness goals.

Click here to start your 30-day free trial.

The Best Meditation Apps

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To deal with any anxiety, the Harvard Medical School recommends practicing yoga, meditation, and controlled breathing. Whether it’s five minutes or an hour, the benefits of practicing any one of the three have been scientifically proven. These apps will make it so much easier to get into the habit at home:


Arguably one of, if not, the most popular yoga apps right now. Actually, we stand corrected, it’s a yoga, meditation, and pilates app. Glo started out as a yoga studio in Santa Monica, California, by brothers Derik and Ryan Mills whose goal was to make yoga accessible to as many people as possible regardless of their location.

Now, there are more than 4,000 on-demand classes divided into 16 styles taught by world-class instructors. If that’s too overwhelming the app will recommend classes based on your experience, style, and teacher preferences. So whether you are a complete rookie or have been practicing for years, there is a class for you on Glo.

Click here to start your 15-day free trial.


A lot of meditation apps only offer meditation sessions but Calm takes a more well-rounded approach to your wellbeing. The membership gives you access to breathing exercises, sleep and non-fiction stories sometimes narrated by celebrities (hello, Matthew McConaughey!), calming music and natural sounds, as well as exclusive mindfulness classes (there is one with LeBron James, for example) on different topics. You can also sync Calm with your Apple Health app and set mindfulness reminders.

Click here to start your 7-day free trial.


Headspace is a community of over 60 million people all united by their commitment to mindfulness. If you become a member you will get a new meditation session every day and get access to guided breathing exercises and videos that will not only improve your mood and overall wellbeing but also help you sleep better.

There's also a ton of useful information on Headspace’s website about how meditation can help you deal with anxiety and stress.

Click here to start your free two-week trial.