Amangiri’s New Restorative Sleep Retreat Is the 2021 Reset You Need

Courtesy Aman Resorts

The perfect antidote for the insomnia 2020 caused.

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Amangiri, an American Express Fine Hotels & Resorts property, has long been a top U.S. wellness destination, but with international travel halted for much of 2020 and celebrities flocking to the Aman retreat, it became one of the most talked about luxury enclaves of the year. At Canyon Point, Amangiri stretches for 600 acres across the southern Utah desert and is home to 34 over-the-top suites (several with private swimming pools), a 25,000-square-foot spa celebrated for its high-concept design, and superb amenities. A destination known for wellness inspired by the natural elements and native lands and culture, Amangiri has now launched a new way to reset in 2021: a sleep retreat. 

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Geared toward anyone whose 2020 was clouded with sleepless nights, Amangiri’s Restorative Sleep Retreat—happening February 18 to February 21, 2021—was developed with The Sleep Doctor Dr. Michael Breus, a celebrity trusted and media-vetted sleep specialist with three books on chronotypes and optimizing sleep schedules. Breus intends to lead each participant on a journey to restore their sleep schedule to (hopefully) increase mental and physical wellness in the new year. Each participant will start with a one-on-one interview with Breus and a pre-retreat sleep and wellness assessment. From there, guests will be assigned a chronotype (essentially, the predetermined sleep schedule you’re genetically inclined toward), which will help Breus further personalize your Restorative Sleep Retreat journey. 

Ken Hayden/Courtesy Aman Resorts 

Days on the sleep retreat will start with morning yoga and will take participants to the spa for cold-water plunges and other deeply restorative treatments. Guests will also learn how to manipulate their sleep schedule, armed with knowledge from lectures on sleep genetics, meals cooked with ingredients meant to enhance sleep quality, and personalized daily wake-up routines. The goal is to emerge from the retreat rested and equipped to reduce sleepless, insomnia-riddled nights back at home. And the targeted reset gives guests a glimpse into the Amangiri healing culture while tackling a specific challenge in their life.