How to Keep Your Health on Track While Traveling

Hugo Burnand

Dawn Russell, 8Greens Founder and mom of two picky eaters, tells DEPARTURES about the importance of keeping-up nutrition, even during the hectic days.

We all know the unhealthy, dazed feeling that comes from days and nights of travel–when our body and mind feel the repercussions of dehydration, sleep deprivation, and undernourishment. The simple fact is that it’s difficult for even the most conscious of people to keep up a healthy routine while traveling. Depending on where you’re going, what’s available, and your schedule, you might not have the resources or the time to fuel yourself the way you should be. (After all, your mind and body don’t stop working just because you’re on vacation or on a business trip.) In fact, we want the opposite result–to feel awake, alert, energized, and fueled properly.

Dawn Russell, founder of 8Greens and mom of two youngsters, is changing the game when it comes to how to make health a priority, even on the hectic days. 8Greens effervescent tablets have quickly become a best-selling product after launching in 2015 and are already a hit among countless actors, athletes, and supermodels. Small enough to toss in any carry-on, yet packed with several essential super-greens–including spinach, wheatgrass, kale, blue-green algae, spirulina, aloe vera, chlorella, and barley grass–8Greens’ tablets make it easier than ever to keep your health up while on the go.

Russell takes pride in knowing that she spent the time to carefully handpick the farms, lakes, and factories that she outsources her greens from, selecting those locations with high standards. “I wanted the purest, cleanest, best quality greens,” Russell says. “[8Greens] isn’t about cutting corners. I felt particularly strongly about blue-green algae, and even though it is very hard to source and is expensive, it had to be in 8Greens. Hence why it took me five years to get it right.”

Courtesy 8Greens

The tablets pump your body with several different vitamins and minerals, detox your organs, and, possibly best of all, are free of sugars, salt, preservatives, just to name a few. Consuming even just one of these tablets on a daily basis adds another 8oz glass of water to your daily hydration tally, and are not only helpful in working retroactively when you need a boost of energy, but also preventatively by nourishing your immune system.

Saying that Russell has a full calendar is an understatement, as she typically travels on a weekly basis (and frequently internationally). She let us in on some other helpful travel tips, starting with her favorite cleansing detox foot pads–KIYOME KINOKI Cleaning Detox Foot Pads–that help immensely with the swelling that comes with air travel. Once she’s at her destination, Russell swears by Epsom salt baths to ease stress, relax the body and eliminate toxins. Dry brushing–growing in popularity for its lymphatic support, exfoliation and even its natural energy boost–is also part Russell’s routine.

It’s important to note, though, these detoxing methods can be dangerous without staying hydrated, so be sure to keep a water bottle nearby. And better yet, a pack of 8Gs too.