The Gentleman's Guide to Luxury

Jens Mortensen

From places to play to what to wear, a guide for the modern gentleman.


Rat Pack Revival: Men's Black Tie For Fall
The best in men's black tie swings and sings with the swagger of Frank, Sammy, and Dino. See the slideshow » 

The New Casual
The storied Italian brand Ermenegildo Zegna suit is taking on the weekend—one stitch at a time. Read more » 

Sweater Guys
Meet three New York City Renaissance men—and three sweaters that are just as multipurpose. Read more » 

The Season’s Best Sportswear
The New York City Football Club kicks around in the season's best new looks. See the slideshow » 

Raw Silk for Him
After 60 years of crafting delicate, sensual lingerie for women, La Perla is now in the menswear game. Read more »

What Do I Wear to Dinner at Eight?
Asked by his brother-in-law, Pete Grauer, chairman of Bloomberg, Inc., what the dress code would be for a family dinner party, writer/raconteur John Heilpern responded as follows. Read more »

14 Must-Have Men's Shoes for Winter
From velvet evening slippers to stylish hiking boots and everything in between, here are the 14 pairs of shoes you cannot live without this season. See the slideshow »


A Spa Just for Men
Arany Spa at the new Park Hyatt Vienna occupies a former underground gold vault and features swanky treatments designed to pamper power players. Read more » 

The World's Best Golf Destinations
From the exotic to the familiar, the historic to the brand-new, a tour of 17 of the world’s best golf destinations. See the slideshow » 

The Thermal Dynamics Club
A private-racetrack-cum-resort in Palm Springs where you can test drive your dream cars. Read more »

A Menswear Moment in Paris
A new wave of smart shops is putting Paris’s Third and Fourth Arrondissements back on the map for discerning gentilhommes. See the slideshow » 

The New York City Football Club In Fall's Best Sportswear


The Best New Gadgets
The latest tech finds to make your life better, from an elegant little speaker with a big sound to a pretty, self-watering planter. Read more »

Stylish Scooters
Four bold new vehicles that blur the lines between scooters, motorcycles, and bicycles. See the slideshow »

Bold Face: Skeletonized Watches
Transparency and clarity expose the soul of watchmaking at its most detailed. Read more » 

The Maserati GranTurismo Convertible Sport 2015
There’s a new type of top-down cruiser on the rise, and this plush four-seater, put to the test on a winding drive through the Adirondack Mountains, is leading the charge. Read more » 

Men's Grooming Essentials
Our latest grooming essentials include everything from a roll-on, anti-fatigue eye gel to a Bottega Venetta body scrub. See the slideshow »

The best golf destinations / Menswear in the Marais


22 Things to Know This November
What to do, watch, see, and read this month, from Frank Stella's retrospective at The Whitney to Bruce Willis's Broadway debut. See the slideshow »

Exotic Feasts
Why some are willing to pay a premium to eat forbidden foods. Read more » 

Salt & Pepper Camouflage
Cult hair stylist Julien Farel has an innovative, natural-looking approach to  men’s hair color. Read more » 

Playing God: No Man’s Sky
You don’t need to be a gamer to feel the primordial thrill of exploring No Man’s Sky’s infinite universe. Read more »

10 Cars from the Future
Tomorrow’s high tech cars will have see-through interiors, hydrogen-powered fuel cells, and the ability to drive themselves—and they might be sharing the road sooner than you think. See the slideshow »