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Venice Restaurant Guide

Osterias, trattorias, and wine bars: a guide to the city’s finest restaurants.

How to Make the Perfect Cup of Italian Coffee

Food and Drink

How to Make the Perfect Cup of Italian Coffee

Unpacking the history, allure, and ways to use the humble Moka pot.

A Truth & Dare original, the Silky Sheets mixes tequila with pandan, lemon juice, and lemon curd.

Wine and Spirits

Tradition Meets Modernity in the Heart of Vienna

A drink from Vienna’s Truth & Dare.

Patti LaBelle Is Cooking With Gas


Patti LaBelle Is Cooking With Gas

How the Grammy-winning icon became a food mogul in her 70s.

While Venice’s best restaurants are very, very good, there is perhaps no Italian city where it’s easier to find bad food. There are just so many tourists relative to the number of Venetians that any given restaurant is much more likely to be a tourist trap than a gourmand's heaven. But for those who know where to go, Venice overflows with culinary pleasures. At these restaurants, the bounty of the lagoon and the sea and the farms on the surrounding islands and nearby mainland contribute to a dining scene that rarely changes but always remains authentically Venetian and consistently delicious. —Florence Fabricant


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