Top 10 New Cooking Apps

From celebrity chef–curated recipes to molecular gastronomy tips and tricks, there’s a brand-new app to incite the culinary aspirations of every level of home cook.

Courtesy of Modernist Cuisine LLC
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Modernist Cuisine at Home

What started as a $500, six-volume encyclopedia by science-obsessed cooking aficionado (and former CTO of Microsoft) Nathan Myhrvold has since become a recipe-heavy, two-volume book, and now, in its most useful incarnation yet, a $79.99 app that's essential for anyone interested in food, science, and the intersection between the two. The extensive series caused a sensation when it first hit book stores in 2011, thanks to its geeky but breathtaking photos (like a cross-section of boiling broccoli, or macro portrait of a cut blueberry) and original approach to the basics—which includes explanations on exactly how a pressure cooker works, and how you could use it, say, to make a simple chicken stock. The app, which is essentially an interactive version of the two-volume Modernist Cuisine at Home, has all that and more: With hundreds of recipes, photos and videos—including 37 how-tos with step-by-step instructions—users can learn how to “perform” molecular gastronomy at home by watching it happen; and whether you’re cooking steak with a blowtorch or making salmon sous vide in the sink, all recipes can be scaled to the exact number of diners. Informative as it may be, this app will be enjoyed best by home cooks with some experience under their belts.

For iOS and web; $79.99;