Queen Elizabeth’s Former Chef Has His Own Youtube Channel—And He Shares Some of the Royal Family's Favorite Recipes

Aaron Lynett/Getty Images

Time to start cooking!

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As far as we’re concerned, cooking nourishes both the body and the soul (and science agrees with us). But just like with anything creative, it’s not always easy to feel inspired. So if you are in need of a few new culinary ideas to try out, the former personal chef of Queen Elizabeth is here to help you.

Darren McGrady, aka the Royal Chef, who spent 15 years with the British Royal Family, just launched a YouTube channel where he shares recipes to help people cook “through the COVID-19 pandemic.”

“It's difficult times right now with us all stuck at home, and for many of us, with all the family home too we have to cook. Here are some delicious dishes from my latest cookbook The Royal Chef at Home, easy seasonal entertaining that are easy to make and your family will love,” he wrote.

The first recipe he shared is of the scones the Queen likes to have every day with her tea (she likes them so much that she once asked him to prepare them at 5 a.m. while visiting Australia). Along with the recipe, McGrady also discusses the history of the afternoon tea—apparently, the tradition dates back to the 1800s when Anna the Seventh Duchess of Bedford asked her maid to prepare sandwiches and pastries to serve with the afternoon tea because she was always feeling hungry between lunch and dinnertime.

McGrady started out his career at the famous Savoy Hotel in London—an American Express Fine Hotels & Resorts property—where he stayed for two years before moving on to the Royal Kitchen at Buckingham Palace where he cooked for the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh for 11 years. From there, it was off to Princess Diana and Prince Charles’ home, Kensington Palace, where he stayed for four years until the tragic death of Diana.

McGrady has also posted two more “Cooking Under Quarantine” videos—one is of a super easy to make and healthy chipotle kale and turkey meatball soup and another one of a creamy chicken and broccoli pasta bake—perfect for when you feel like having something more comforting.