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The Perfect Cheese for You Based on Your Zodiac Sign, According to an Expert 

Let the stars rule your next cheese choice.


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If there's one thing that pairs well with cheese, it's astrology obviously. That's according to everyone's favorite fromage aficionado, Marissa Mullen from @thatcheeseplate (and @cheesebynumbers, and @thatcheeseclass.)

Hear her out. Whether you're putting together a cheese plate for a spectacular holiday party to remember or a quiet, cozy night at home, with so many choices out there, the trickiest thing can be strolling down the cheese aisle. One easy way to get through the overwhelming choice is to find your cheese soulmate. Because, why not? It's written in the stars.

"I am a big fan of astrology and noticed the similarities between the zodiac signs and cheese," Mullen says on her site. "For example, Aries is a fire sign, enthusiastic and direct. Blue cheese with hot honey is also a fiery combination, definitely direct and incorporates enthusiastic tasting notes. Maybe it’s a stretch, but I love having fun with combining elements that normally wouldn’t go together, like putting chicken wings on a cheese plate."

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With the help of Mullen and her cheese and her astrology know-how, we've found a cheese for every type of zodiac trait. Read on find your zodiac cheese.


"Aries is a passionate, motivated, and confident fire sign. They lead with blind optimism and self-determination."

Aries cheese: "A strong blue cheese. This pungent pick is far from shy."


"Reliable and patient, Taurus loves cooking and the luxuries in life. This earth sign is grounded and practical, and they appreciate the beauty of the material world.

Taurus cheese: "The cheese for them is Harbison, a decadent camembert. Nothing more comforting than velvety, earthy cheese."


"Quick and witty Gemini has a knack for communication and is always full of ideas. This air sign is known to have a 'split personality'—they can adapt to any situation thrown their way."

Gemini cheese: "Sharp Gruyère studded with tyrosine crystals. A salty and savory taste with an unexpected crunch to keep you on your toes."


"Emotional, imaginative, and sympathetic, Cancers love a good meal with friends and spending time at home."

Cancer cheese: "Fresh feta, a summertime snack to enjoy in the backyard at home."


"Leos are creative, passionate, and cheerful, and love admiration. This fire sign is not afraid to be the center of attention and makes for a natural-born leader."

Leo cheese: "Aged Pecorino Toscano, strong cheese with a sharp bite and a salty finish."


"Virgos are loyal, practical, kind, and hard-working. They enjoy books, nature, and organization."

Virgo cheese: "Humbolt Fog. This goat cheese is light and easy with some hidden complexities."


"Libras are social, gracious, balanced, and cooperative. They enjoy harmony, relationships, and the outdoors."

Libra cheese: "Cheese fondue. Libras love to share and can’t decide on just one item to dip."


"Scorpios are resourceful, determined, and a bit mysterious. They enjoy loyal friendships and grand passions."

Scorpio cheese: "Aged gouda. A sharp cheese with a sweet aftertaste."


"Sagittarius is generous, idealistic and loves to travel. They appreciate freedom, philosophy, and learning about different cultures."

Sagittarius cheese: "Mozzarella di Bufala. Transport your taste buds to the Italian countryside."


"Capricorns are responsible, disciplined hard workers. They enjoy tradition and family, and have the ability to lead the way."

Capricorn cheese: "Cheddar. A reliable and respected cheese that has stood the test of time."


"Aquarius is original, independent, and loves to help others. They are always trying to see the bigger picture and are natural humanitarians."

Aquarius cheese: "Coupole (soft-ripened goat cheese)—a quirky cheese with an approachable taste."


"Pisces is compassionate, artistic, and wise. They enjoy music, independence, and daydreaming."

Pisces cheese: "Comté. A sweet finish that will keep your head in the clouds."


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