Paris’ Newest Restaurant Is an Ultra Private Dining Room That Only Sits Eight

Virginie Garnier/Courtesy La Boucherie Gregoire

It’s a new dining concept headed by a Michel-starred chef.

In a city like Paris, where gourmet cuisine prepared by some of the world’s most talented chefs is the norm, Antonin Bonnet stands out with his creative and unpretentious twist on French cuisine that has food critics raving. His dedication and skills have already been noticed by the Michelin Guide that awarded his restaurant Quinsou in the swanky 6th arrondissement one Michelin star. But perhaps, more telling of his mastery in the kitchen is the fact that Bonnet sometimes teaches in the prestigious Ferrandi school of culinary arts and hospitality (that happens to be just across the street from Quinsou).

Courtesy Quentin Tourbez

And if you think that managing a Michelin-starred restaurant and a butcher shop—the historic La Boucherie Gregoire, that he acquired last year—as well as showing up for the occasional teaching engagement would be enough to keep him busy, think again. Bonnet is about to launch a brand new restaurant of sorts that has foodies in Paris very excited.

Virginie Garnier/Courtesy La Boucherie Gregoire

We say ‘of sorts,’ because Au Dessus, located in an apartment just above La Boucherie Gregoire (hence its name which means “above” in French) will only sit up to eight people and it’s required that they all be from the same group. The lucky patrons will be treated to a five-course dinner paired with wine picked by Olivier Dopke, Quinsou’s sommelier. The food will be prepared only with locally sourced meats and vegetables and the menu created each Tuesday according to the available ingredients of the day. Au Dessus, described as equal parts speakeasy and a chef-in-residence program, will also welcome a new French or international chef each month who will join Bonnet in the kitchen. Celine Pham, famous for her unique blend of Franco-Vietnamese flavors will be the inaugural chef-in-residence in September.

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Au Dessus ($236 per person; 29 rue de l'Abbé Grégoire, Paris VI; 01 42 22 66 09) will be open every Tuesday and requires reservation.