The Next Generation of Juicing

Derrick Tran

The juicing diet is taking off in new directions. Here, our ten favorite new spots, from New York to San Francisco.

The new generation of juice bars is a far cry from what you’ll find at your local gym. Along with producing a range of good-for-you drinks that go way beyond cold-pressed greens, the latest places are elegant, beautiful spaces that do as much good with their gorgeous design and natural light as they do with their menu offerings.

Around the country, juice is going gourmet. Chicago’s Owen + Alchemy, a sleek new juice “apothecary,” offers Chinese herb powders that can be added to their selection of organic root juices and nut milks. In New Orleans, the newly opened Seed adds tahini and maple syrup to soy-milk concoctions, while in Portland Canteen serves up kombucha on tap and Fentimans botanical sodas in flavors like dandelion and burdock.

California—arguably the juice movement’s place of origin—is where the most innovative juice trends are emerging, like the tonics from Los Angeles’s Moon Juice, which promise to benefit everything from your spirit to your sex life. Sow in San Francisco squeezes and mixes locally sourced ingredients at their pop-up location in front of the Ferry Building. And Roy Choi’s Commissary restaurant at the Line Hotel in L.A. has debuted a cocktail menu based on fresh fruits and vegetables.

From New York to San Francisco, there’s something new and palate-provoking to try. Here, ten of our favorite spots that opened in the past year.