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Looking for Cooking Inspiration? The Michelin Guide Is Sharing Recipes From the World's Top Chefs on Their Instagram

The famous guide book is helping those stuck at home create fine dining dishes.


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Sadly, we’re not able to dine out right now. And while some of the world’s top restaurants have pivoted to offer takeout, the Michelin Guide figured out another way to bring dishes from the best chefs to people at home.

Beginning March 24, the famed restaurant guide book started releasing recipes on Instagram from top chefs with the hashtag #MICHELINGUIDEATHOME. The recipes are meant to be easy, yet delicious. With each post, the chef explains how to create a dish and even offers a pro tip.

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Gordon Ramsay kicked off the virtual series by sharing his recipe for marinara sauce. And he even explained how to alter the recipe if you don’t have access to certain ingredients. “If you don’t have fresh garlic or basil, raid your spices cabinet,” he said. “As a general rule, use what you might like on a pizza like garlic powder, onion powder, oregano, fennel, celery salt.”

Since that initial post, the Michelin Guide has posted a recipe daily ranging from French chef Emeric Corbo’s bourbon cookies to Julia Komp’s shakshuka. Plus, the cuisine ranges from Southeast Asian to Mexican, with chefs hailing from establishments such as the one-starred Pur’ in Paris to two-starred Core in the United Kingdom.

In addition to sharing these delectable and wide-ranging recipes, Michelin is asking for followers to share photos of their finished dishes after trying the recipes. There are so far over 1,000 posts from people at home showing off their at-home creations.

Michelin, who rates restaurants all over the globe, is also profiling chefs and their establishments that focus on sustainable gastronomy.

Now that you have inspiration and recipes, you can get cooking in your own kitchen and ramp up those amateur chef skills.


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