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These NYC Chef-Curated Grocery Boxes Offer a Fine Dining Experience at Home—And Proceeds Support Those in the Restaurant Industry

The unique company was born in the pandemic.

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A Curated Kitchen


A Curated Kitchen

Cookware to stir the soul.

The spread of COVID-19 significantly hurt the New York City restaurant industry. And now, with new shutdowns and restrictions announced, staying afloat will be more challenging than ever. But the trying times also sparked some impressive creativity, like the launch of a new company called Me Sous that sells grocery boxes curated by NYC chefs.

Me Sous gives you the best of both worlds: recipes created by your favorite NYC Chefs, with everything you need to make, plate, and enjoy a homemade meal. The weekly grocery box comes with recipes and all the ingredients to make six meals total, including three proteins, vegetables, spices, and some surprises.

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Wilson Tang from Nom Wah! created the first box while Sarah Krathen and Dria Atencio of L'itos, and Lucas Sin and Eric Sze of shy*boyzclub curated more recent ones. There's even a Dame x Me Sous + Caviar themed box for New Year's Eve.

"We created Me Sous during the heart of the pandemic when we saw New Yorkers become their own chefs, as restaurants continued to remain closed and stay at home orders were issued," Phil Toronto, co-founder of Me Sous, told Departures. "As restaurants began to open up, people were still eager to stay busy at home and create their own meals, and so Me Sous was born to merge the things we love—New York chefs and at-home cooking."

Most importantly, the boxes give back. They donate to the Restaurant Workers' Community Foundation (RWCF) and the Relief Opportunities for All Restaurants (ROAR) for every Me Sous purchase.

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"We saw an opportunity to support local chefs, give back to the community, while also giving people a way to stay productive, learn new skills, and a chance for them to be their own chefs and recreate New York's most loved dishes," added Toronto. "Cooking for yourself and others is an art of love, and Me Sous is a way to bring that love to life."

Me Sous boxes are $165 per box, or $150 per box if you purchase a pack. And you can opt to dine in as much as once a week, or just once a month.


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